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Today, my boyfriend broke up with me because I'm boring and never go to the bar with him. He knows I'm a recovering alcoholic. FML
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I wasn't planning on commenting if this got published, but I decided to create an account to thank you guys for your supportive comments. I also wanted to add that I do know I'm better off, it's just difficult because we have a daughter together. Thankfully I have an amazing support system around me and I don't have to deal with this by myself

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Good. Now you have room to find people that will actually support you in your recovery.

Alcohol: the cause and solution to most of life's problems.


Alcohol: the cause and solution to most of life's problems.

Alcohol is not the answer to all the questions but it helps to forget the questions.

That's the name of an Evangelion fanfic I read and may have jerked off to

Good. Now you have room to find people that will actually support you in your recovery.

Jesus is behind the couch, if you're wondering where he is

Agreed. You've been strong enough to not go, to stay sober, you deserve someone who will respect that, not undermine it.

well you dodged a bullet there, it wasn't going to be a lasting relationship anyways if he was hindering your recovery. stay strong

You deserve someone better op! Find a nice person who will find fun things for you to do together!

It might be really hard, but if he is worth it, go to the bar and talk, but don't drink. If he isn't worth it leave him be. If he can't accept you for you, don't talk to him ever.

No. Never risk yourself for someone like that. Especially since obviously they aren't able to support and be there for you.

That's easier said than done for an alcoholic.

As a former smoker and nicotine addict, your quit is very fragile and you're either one puff away from a pack a day, or one sip away from 3 bottles a day. Your quit should be your most precious thing and no one is worth risking relapsing over.

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OP here. To put it simply, no one is worth risking my sobriety for. I have too much to lose, especially now that I have a baby girl depending on me. I will not be having any contact with my ex beyond what is necessary to co-parent our daughter.

OMG, you two have a kid and he was expecting you to risk a relapse into drinking so he could have fun? Wow, he really is an absolute moron. But that said, are you sure that this is the real reason? Maybe he wanted out and picked the one thing he knew you wouldn't budge on so as to be able to "blame" you for the breakup? Either way he sounds really immature and a dumbass. You're better off without him.

Or... She can learn a little thing called "moderation." You know... like most people that drink and aren't alcoholics.

Or... you could educate yourself on alcoholism and addiction before talking rubbish

Alcoholics aren't there by choice. I'm trying very hard to stay respectful, but your comment really pisses me off. It's an addiction. That's why they have to have help and support, why its so hard for many to quit, why some might not be able to and lose everything. If they have any alcohol there is a very large chance of them falling back into it. It's not that they party hard or don't know how to drink in moderation, it's that they CANT.

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66- Honestly, I don't know if that is his real reason, or if he wanted to be able to leave and blame me. I feel like it probably wasn't the real reason considering how hard I tried to get him to do things together that didn't involve going to the bar or club. I certainly would have had more respect for him if he had just come to me and said our relationship wasn't working for him anymore. 69- There is no such thing as a moderate addict. I am incapable of drinking in moderation and I will never be able to drink in moderation. It's all or nothing. I'm one drink away from drinking myself to death and I always will be.

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Better off without him! Hope you find someone FAR more supportive!

Don't take this the wrong way, because yes it's wrong to ask someone in your your position to go to a bar, but depending on how long you have been sober couldn't you just go and have fun and be a designated driver?

My uncle is an alcoholic, if there's ANY alcohol around him or in the house he's drinking it. They're ADDICTED, not stopping just for fun. It doesn't matter how long she's been sober, it's ALWAYS easy to relapse.

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No worries, I don't mind answering questions unless someone is being an asshole about it. No matter how long I'm sober, I will never be able to go have fun at a bar and not want to drink. As much as my head may try to convince me that I'm strong enough to go to a bar and not drink, I know that's not true. It's part of being an addict

I agree I'm 16 months sober and dd for my friends. there's nothing wrong with it

He is a shitty person and was looking for a reason to break up with you so it wasn't his fault. You are better off without him.