By Anonymous - 20/5/2020 08:00


Today, my girlfriend broke my Xbox while I was playing Warzone. She said she heard me playing with another girl, and accused me of cheating. It was just the A.I. saying, "Copy, I’m on it." Anyone selling an Xbox One? FML
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By  funnyfails1  |  13

Hey guys, it’s the OP, at the time I made this, I couldn’t sign on for some reason, but I finally did and it’s safe to say, I did break things off because this behavior of her’s was very abrupt to say the least. I don’t know what could’ve caused her to think I’d be cheating, things were great, however she’s been acting strange for about a month.

Breaking my Xbox was kind the deal breaker because at that point I didn’t know what else she would try to do. I know the dangers of that kind of behavior, I did try to figure out what was going on with her but she was being very vague about me “being around other girls” such as at work and friends. My guess is that she could be guilty of something I don’t know about and she’s trying to play the victim.

Needless to say I am expecting her to replace my Xbox or maybe some kind of compensation for it. Ain’t no way I’m letting that slide, that was a birthday present.

Thank you guys for trying to help me see but no worries! I saw the dangers myself.

By  Douglas E Thompson Jr  |  3

Leave her and do it quickly people like her are too dangerous