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By Anonymous - 31/08/2020 06:55 - United Kingdom

Today, my husband and I have such busy careers, we have to schedule sex for when we’re both at home and hopefully not too tired, otherwise we’d never have sex at all. The last time we had sex was on my birthday, in April, and our next appointment is mid September. I really miss sex. FML
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Susan Yee 9

Even on weekends? You both gotta cut down work hours, that is not healthy.


why did you guys get married if you were going to get married to your work ? emotionally you guys Aren't taking care of each other.

On the one hand, scheduling time for ah..Fun is actually great. It gives you something to look forward to, to prepare any sort of 'special treats' you'd like for the occasion, etc. This being said, every few months is way too little-You need more :)

Looks like you're both set in your priorities. YDI.