By HiddlePuff - 14/05/2015 12:42 - Australia

Today, while teaching my class, I hooked my laptop up to the projector and put on a documentary. I left it playing and went to the toilet. When I came back the whole class was talking to my mother. She must've Skyped me while I was gone and someone answered the call. FML
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Oh come on. Thats pretty freakin awesome

Maybe give your mom a schedule of when you are teaching and tell her not to try and Skype you between those times


Oh come on. Thats pretty freakin awesome

Yeah I was expecting something along the lines of OPs **** page popping up so students skyping your mum is a way better FML

Plot twist: it was the plan all along as part of the lecture on treating those you do not know with courtesy.

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The only way I see this being an FML is if the mother decided to show baby pictures to the OP's students. This was an honest mistake, and if your students like your mom, you could even bribe them with sloping with her if they do well on their tests and homework. Haha

And how is this an FML? Unless you're a primary school teacher, it couldn't of had been a bad conversation

Hope she didn't divulge any embarrassing secrets of yours!

Did you know that OP was finally potty trained at the age of 15?!

That's better than quite a few people you hear about here.

I kinda hope she did. At least one.

I didn't know that, but OP's class probably does!

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I'm sorry, but this would be cool.

Maybe give your mom a schedule of when you are teaching and tell her not to try and Skype you between those times

So, "Here's my schedule of when I teach. Don't call me between those times." Following the logic of what you said versus what you meant, you've instructed OP to tell mom to call during teaching periods. Nice!

#25 - Don't call her between the times she starts and when she finishes. You knew what #5 meant so there's no need to be pedantic.

Better yet, log off when they're teaching, so no one can Skype their class whilst they're out.

If her mom is like mine, that would be a guarantee way to have her call when you said not to.

Better yet, actually teach instead of playing a movie and leaving.

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#90--It was a documentary, which means it was probably essential information. Most kids appreciate having a change in class and media, especially when it's visual. How about stop being so judgmental? Now leaving the class? I never did that but I do know there were times when you might not get a bathroom break for hours at a time, so I at least understand the urge to go.

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Also, we don't know if this is a college class or not. My professor steps out when she has to, there's nothing wrong with that.

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Ok but that's really cool though..

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Please tell me she told the class embarrassing stories about you ?

That's hilarious, as long as it's all in good fun I see no harm