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By Anonymous - 01/11/2009 17:51 - United States

Today, I found out that my daughter is dating my boss's daughter. I found this out because my extremely homophobic boss told me and wants me to 'heal' them or get fired. I didn't even know my daughter was gay. FML
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blessing in disguise!!! Get yourself fired. File a HUGE lawsuit. Go get a job somewhere where your boss isn't a total A-hole. Seriously, he can't fire you because your daughter is gay. He can't even legally fire you if YOU'RE gay, let alone your daughter. So let him try to do it and then get yourself a good lawyer... this should work out well...

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That is a pretty shitty way to find out your daughter is gay, but that's not really the FML here. I'm sorry your boss is so homophobic and would fire you for something completely out of your control.


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I can see how you might apply the healing lotion to the boss's daughter to try to bring her back over to our team, but you can't do that to your own kid. Maybe your boss can fix your daughter. That's going to be one awkward Monday morning!

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1) she's not gay-she's lesbian 2) so wut? there's nothing with that(and no-I'm not lesbian-I just respect others

she can be gay as well tard - it goes both ways

Aha Once Enda passes his boss can NOT fire him for such idiotoc prejudice!! Please folks contact your local senators,Congress people etc and DEMAND that Enda passes!!! They passes the Mathew Schphard hate crimes bill into law, So thank you to alll!! Transphobia,Homophobia,Sexism,racism etc are killers!!!! They kill as they are a cancer to a democracized society!!!!!

Actually yes he currently CAN fire queers and anything related to being queer!!! Thats why ENDA is being worked on,,,

actually no - there is a law against discrimination of any kind.. and queer is a offensive word.. just like nigger..don't use it.. if he fired her bc her daughter is gay, then a lawsuit could happen. and the boss would get fucked

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um gay is being a lesbian. hence "gay pride" or "gay community" so your not really doing anyone a favor. but man, FYL.

Your comment makes no sense. Seeing as he obviously knows what "gay" means.

I meant passed They passed lol


Yeah Jerry is ultra Transphobic!! They ran him out of Chicago!!!

Why is this fml? It's hot and a win in my book XD