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By Fefrank - 25/03/2019 00:00

Today, I broke a bolt on my minivan trying to fix the timing belt myself to save money. I spent about 300 dollars in parts. I took the van to the shop and the total to fix it is going to be 1200 dollars. FML
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He probably sheared the head off the bolt leaving the remainder in the hole. It’s a difficult job to drill it out.

marc hillyer 2

well cuz boats are expensive


Why can't you just replace the bolt? If thats really the only thing you broke, it seems like it would be a lot easier, cheaper, and less time consuming than taking it to a mechanic...

He probably sheared the head off the bolt leaving the remainder in the hole. It’s a difficult job to drill it out.

Don’t try major repairs without the right tools. You need a torque wrench, He-Man.

Nico711 17

1. Why didn’t you use a torque wrench? 2. Get a new bolt 3. Why would a boat cost $1200

marc hillyer 2

well cuz boats are expensive

And $1200 (US) for a boat is cheap! Unless it's a used aluminum rowboat (esp. without its trailer).

HCL Burn 1

torque wrench is for installing bolts Einstein.

Ever hear of rust or corrosion? Or subsequently sheared-off bolt heads? You DON'T use a torque wrench to REMOVE a bolt or nut, only to tighten it at the last iota of movement - but it's only really needed for precision applications, not the 99.99% plethora of simple, typical tighten-until-good-and-snug securing of metal automotive objects to each other. Sheesh! OP, I feel your pain! Been there, done that.... :-(

He could have sheared off the bolt over-tightening it. Without knowing which bolt it was, it’s not possible to say whether it was one requiring tightening in a narrow torque range.

Dodge4x4Ram 46

Today I added 3 gauges and changed the drive belt to my truck.

Unless you knew what you were doing, you probably should have taken it to professionals to begin with. You probably did even more damage, resulting in the higher price tag.

Reminds me of when I almost sheered a spark plug off because the moron who last did them put lock tight on the threads and they were over-torqued. Thankfully not my vehicle.

fde2blknimout 18

Shoulda bought another bolt first

CurmudgeonCrunch 7

Whenever you try to save money working on a car, you always end up spending more in the long run. Like me, I was changing the Mass O2 censor in my Kia and ended up spending $30k on a new car.

HCL Burn 1

As a mechanic I think this is great and they also probably charged you something called DAT. Dumb Ass Tax. that bolt probably saved you on you ******* up the timing and eating valves which would have cost you even more.