First dates

By Anonymous - 08/12/2021 18:59 - United Kingdom - Blackburn

Today, I went to a Christmas market with a guy. Not only did he buy himself a hot chocolate, he made me pay for his pancakes, which he threw away halfway through. He took me to a bar after ,just to get himself a nice cocktail, and free tap water for me. Nice date, right? FML
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He made you pay? How could he make you? Learn to say no.

Big red flag, he threw the pancakes.


He was just testing you to see if you have a spine. His test shows that you don't. This could mean that you passed or failed his test, depending on what he's looking for. I'll bet you lack the spine to find out.

Please...don't go on another date with that guy. Nobody deserves a free handout like that.

Big red flag, he threw the pancakes.

And yet you continued the date after he didn’t get you a hot chocolate?

He made you pay? How could he make you? Learn to say no.

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If you're old enough to have a date, you should be old enough to tell that dude, buy your own damn pancakes, and to walk away. Nobody deserves that kind of treatment. Please get some self-esteem.

He probably pegged you as a fat, diabetic alcoholic and he didn't want to contribute to your vices. And then he hoped your poor judgment and lack of self-control extended to your mating habits.