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By Avnirvana - 07/10/2020 23:01 - United States

Today, I seriously considered writing in SCP-106 for president. I hate both candidates so much, I would willingly take President Radical Larry. FML
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Oh, great, with assholes like you, we're gonna get four more years (or infinity more) of this Trump shit-show.

Get rid of Trump first, then deal with Biden in 2024. Or Harris, given Biden's age.


Oh, great, with assholes like you, we're gonna get four more years (or infinity more) of this Trump shit-show.

It’s shit-show or reality. I am done with the current asshat!

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This person is not unique in how they feel. It's the assholes who manipulated the Democratic Primary that gave us Trump in the first place, and threaten to give us Trump for 4 more years. Blame the cause, not the effect.

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The mere fact you and others believe there's only 2 parties is the reason the states are in a huge shit show. This is also why I say Canada has abproblem as well as the general public only believes that they have 3 parties, when both countries have 4 or more.

I would have a lot more respect for 3rd parties if they'd actually run a grassroots campaign for some local offices and build up a base, as opposed to trotting out a presidential candidate every year with no shot to win.

The trouble with that is: Libertarian: Republican (model anti-everything government) on steroids Tea party: Republican (model all of the above + racists) on steroids. Green Party: Democrat (model idealism over workability) on steroids. The above, compounded with them having a miniscule chance of winning unless ranked choice or similar is implemented, means that almost no one in their right mind would vote for one of them as president. Personally, im pretty sure that them knowing that they have no chance means they shoot for ultra far left/right ideals over practicality because they aim to exist as ideals more than serious options.

Consider JoJorgenson. Libertarian. Just want big gov out of your business

0.00% chance of winning. Basically, a vote for Trump.

dude, the libertarians want to eliminate public schooling and the weather service as well. If you enjoy: google maps, gps in general, not having to pay out the nose for pre college schooling, and/or being warned about severe weather, then I would heartily recommend not voting libertarian anytime soon.

Get rid of Trump first, then deal with Biden in 2024. Or Harris, given Biden's age.

(1) Every voter needs to check out what each candidate says they are going to do, compare it to what they have done and make your choice based on that - Not what the candidates say about each other. Rivals always badmouth the other, you cannot just take one political party at their word in characterizing the other and make your decision based on hearing from one side. (2) There are more than two political parties. If you truly do not like either of the major candidates and consider both as unacceptable after finding out more about each from neutral sources, then vote for a real person who is running who seems to represent your beliefs and interests. (3) No politician is perfect, nobody represents every possible interest. Much of the time you have to pick the least bad choice. That’s just life in a republic like ours. I personally find it hard to believe that with two candidates so very different from each other as are Donald Trump and Joe Biden that you would be undecided if you actually listened to what each side says about its beliefs and values and compares that to what they have done now and in the past. But if you are truly undecided at this point go back to #2 above.

Boohoo let’s accidentally vote trump in again because Biden’s “just as bad”. Until we abolish the electoral college and a lot of this two party bullshit and let campaigns be financially bound we have to suffer through the “lesser evils” as some would put it. Like bruh we know Biden isn’t a saint but trumps a ******* criminal, like seriously he’s broken so many laws.

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neither candidate was a good choice. so either way we are screwed. decision is out and yep still screwed. both parties are out for their own pocket lining