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Today, at work, two teenage girls caused a huge scene and told me to get lost, after I asked if they needed any help. Their reasoning: they didn't want to be helped by "someone who doesn't have a thigh gap." FML
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For those of you who are wondering, I'm 17 and I work at Forever 21. I asked the two girls if they needed any help and they said, "Umm.. We don't want YOUR help." I said, "Excuse me?" They said, "OMG WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE? WE DON'T WANT YOUR HELP! CAN WE GET SOMEONE ELSE TO HELP US?" At that point a manager came over to see what the problem was and the girls said, "We don't want her help. She doesn't even have a thigh gap. Why does she even work here?" Not wanting to do anything stupid and lose my job, I walked away. The two girls had to have been only a year or two younger than me. Plot twist: THEY DIDN'T HAVE FREAKING THIGH GAPS! I can't explain to y'all how much that irked me. The whole thing was just stupid. I really like working at Forever 21, though, so I'm glad I didn't do anything to jeopardize that. Well, thank you all for the supportive comments! They were fun to read. (: I hope y'all have a great night/day!

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dinosxxrawr 22

I have no idea where you work, but if it's in the food industry I hope they starve to death.

that's disgusting. What is wrong with people these days


dinosxxrawr 22

I have no idea where you work, but if it's in the food industry I hope they starve to death.

Jake_Hale 7

Op it's time to use my trademark grab those girls and try to make out with them to freak them out. This will show them not to be mean to people. :(

if its any consolation, I think thigh gaps are weird and gross.

thigh gaps are not common anyways, it's usually how your body is built

Wtf...?? I guess tell them good luck with their eating disorders, since that seems like where their headed if their not there already.

Seriously #57? That's just as bad as those teenage girls saying they don't want to associate with someone who doesn't have a thigh gap.

I'm not educated on the term "thigh gap." It could be that there is no pelvis? Or there are large quadriceps? Or OP has no legs? Or OP is an Oreo? Maybe a Skittle. Maybe even a shark attack victim with only a torso... All of these things have no "thigh gap."

91, I love the sarcasm and honest brutality :)

Soniye 14

I got 99 problems ... And a "thigh gap" ain't one of em'

Exactly what #77 said. If you have a thigh gap, it's usually because you have wider hips. It's perfectly normal not to have them. Those girls need to get a check up, from the neck up.

Exactly. Thigh gaps aren't all about eating disorders. It's about body structure and that's something you can't change (easily anyway). Don't worry OP, thigh gap or not, those girls are just stuck up twatbags.

assassinbanana0 20

It's ok, OP. I'm very sure you are beautiful It might not be true, but many people started to say that having a thigh gap means you're a lot looser down there than people with it.

addioty 19

57, I don't have a thigh gap and it's weird and gross? Like someone else posted you are being just as rude as the teenage girls. Everyone's body is different.

"having a thigh gap means you're a lot looser down there"... I don't know where you heard that but it isn't true at all.

Soniye 14

Anyone who commented on #57 is either stupid or they can't read well.. Maybe both.. Anyways point is she said thigh gaps are weird and gross not that if you DON'T have a thigh gap it's weird and gross .. Gosh.. Idiot(s) *Napoleon Dynamite voice*

ShananaginsLOL 13

#57 I actually happen to have a thigh gap so I am offended by this. Everyone's body is different and a thigh gap does not always mean an eating disorder. The fact that you think they are "weird and gross" seems pretty close minded.

Yeah, That's why they replied, she is hating on thigh gaps, which is basically the same thing those girls were doing only about people without thigh gaps.

justmeCee 16

Ok, if a thigh gap means that your thighs do not touch and rub together, how is that gross or disgusting? I happen to have a 'thigh gap' but that is because I exercise regularly and have very muscular legs. I'm sorry that being in shape disgusts you so much. Although I think that it was very rude and ignorant of those girls to say that to Op. Everyone has different body types and I get a hard time from a lot of people because I am thin. It's hurtful either way so please don't contribute to the ignorance.

#242 muscular legs would give you the exact opposite of a thigh gap

the thing i dont like is that these girls look at peoples pelvis' before deciding to associate with them... what the ****?!

cadillacgal79 32

#242, having a thigh gap means that your hips are wider than others. I have a thigh gap, but not muscular legs. I fail to see how having muscular legs will give you one when in fact, it's the complete opposite.

I'm naturally really skinny. I have a thigh gap. I didn't choose to have one nor did I starve myself. Your comment is offensive to me.

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In this case not so much idiots as just pure ass holes... Makes me glad that my family was happy to slap me into a gentleman when I was growing up

wingedangel123 8

Thigh gaps are over-rated anyways.

Did u know a high gap isn't supposed to be there that would mean u are wider than meant to be so op at least u aren't wife

Areakiller - There's this really cool thing that all the kids are doing these days called "proofreading". You may want to give it a try someday.

Psh doc... You don't have a "high gap"?

shyeahh_fml 19

I think it's funniest because thigh gaps depend on bone structure.

Oh I'm sorry I didn't know making a few spelling mistakes was a crime

107, remarks like that do not make you friends, chums, pals, acquaintances or get your worthless reply unburied.

Of course spelling mistakes are a crime. This IS the Internet after all.

You have some issues if you think that monstrosity was just a "few spelling mistakes".

Even birds are better than this generation. I saw this sick bird on the sidewalk that can't fly there was 10 birds helping it and giving it food.

Hey. Don't forget about sheltered dumbasses. It's something. Right???? Right?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

that's disgusting. What is wrong with people these days

3 simple words "lack of tact", I guess everyone has decided it's best to go on the offensive when interacting with new people.

Seriously. I don't know where people got it in their head that they have the right to speak to another person like that just because they feel like it. If I had been there, I would have gladly smacked the shit out of them for you OP.

I feel so out of place in my generation sometimes because I don't like the 'thigh gap' [I find it ugly] or any other of those type of things that this generation is obsessed with and one of my friends was with me in being anti-thigh gap, by then she decided to conform..... It really is frustrating Rant over

Dodge4x4Ram 46

teenage girls can be very immature, annoying at best

I hate teenage girls, and I used to be one.

Smoldering 15

I hate them too and I am one. Most of them are annoying and irritating.

I think the thigh gap is a horrible thing girls think they need to be pretty!!!!! :(

#61, I know how you feel as a teenage girl. Theese are the sort of girls that make us look like we're all dumb.

addioty 19

Thigh gaps aren't horrible. It's all about bone structure.

pazuzus_intern 10

I think she meant that it's horrible that girls think they need thigh gaps to be pretty, and based on the fact that it is based on bone structure, she's right. I don't see why she's getting thumbed down so much. Maybe her sentence structure needs a little work...

addioty 19

Oops... :) But yeah, I agree, its horrible people think a thigh gap is necessary

Life_is_FML 22

I am a teenage girl and am absolutely nothing like anyone else. I like adults more because girls at my school are dumb rude snotty *****. I'm friends with the ones with a brain and a heart who don't look like street walkers. Sorry OP, but I'm not surprised. I'm in 8th grade and have never had a thigh gap in my life and think girls with thigh gaps look really weird

Lauaries8 16

Thank you? I appreciate the vote of confidence?

Most teenage girls actually aren't though?

jocelynne_reedxo 4
ravenh1979 13

OMG!! Although I was one 16 years ago, I was never that mean smh. Teenagers!! Ugh!!

ravenh1979 13

I was and am a nice person, even as a teen lol

Please don't generalize all of us based on a few dumb bitches. I can assure you that if I had been there I would've slapped the shit out of both of them!

I bet if it was a hot muscular guy with no thigh gap (due to huge muscular legs) they would not mind. I say theyre hypocrites.

jasmine2301 25

Yea believe it or not legs can actually get massive from working out, not just from fat.

Damn, maybe I shouldn't have skipped leg day.

Sigh, that's because you get different 'types' of muscle. For example bruce lee and arnold schwarzenegger were both muscular but looked very different. They did different sorts of training which is why they looked different. If your dancer friend had been a body builder he would have had massive muscles.

NSN82 13

They wouldn't care about whether or not a guy has a thigh gap. This whole thigh gap thing is more of a standard girls place on each other.

ravenh1979 13

Yeah you know big buff guys that work out..Duh!!

diceddiamonds 11

It's amazing how much power society has.

diceddiamonds 11

Of course we ARE society and it still is amazing how much power we have. It's crazy how easily we can become brain washed because of how one idea is meant to be.

For what exactly are you blaming "society" here? For turning these girls into superficial twats? That isn't society, dear. That's called a lack of proper upbringing.

hcollins1 18

I may be wrong, but how is she blaming society? All she has stated is how that she is amazed at how much power society has.

Hhhmmm, society? Not so much. More so; the images, projections, articles, advertisements etc that we are bombarded with day in, day out through the media in all its forms/publications. It's no wonder the next generation is completely warped. Society is a joke, it doesn't exist anymore. Pretty sure those teens can be surmised in one name: Varuka Salt. And we all know what happened to her...

Love your user name op. One day those teenagers will realise what's important in life and a thigh gap isn't one if them!

ravenh1979 13

Well said, well said!! :) gave u a thumbs up for that!!

addioty 19

I was going to thumb that up, but it had 69 likes and I didn't want to mess that up (:

Pyro_Wolf 17

This generation is not the first generation to have assholes, idiots, etc. in it..

It's amazing how every generation acts like It's the first generation to have idiots, assholes, and douche canoes.

This generation doesn't suck because it has lots of idiots and assholes, it sucks because they are receiving much more attention and are in the spotlight.

Every generation blames the one before. There has and always will be a hierarchy in society. Where perhaps you and I were taught to save up if we wanted something badly enough, there will always be those whose biggest concern is not how much it costs, so long as I have it first before anybody else.