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By aprilfooled - This FML is from back in 2009 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, for April Fools' day, my entire class decided to prank our religion teacher. During our daily meditation time, while his eyes were closed, we slowly got out of our seats and left the classroom. Two minutes later he opened his eyes, locked us out, and called the dean to give us all detention. FML
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Why would you pick someone you know won't respond well to your joke? Do it with a care-free type of teacher who you know would just laugh it off.


Well if the kids were gonna come back in the room right afterwards, I don't think it was a big deal. It's not like they were gonna skip class and not come back. Haha last April Fools, my math teacher and I were having a discussion and he kept walking off while I was talking and speaking with other kids. My friends and I got annoyed, so next time he was talking to us, the whole class stood up and walked out of the room as a joke. LOL but he's a cool guy so he thought it was funny too.

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I've learned the hard way....never screw with the religion teacher

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excuse me? that's actually a very prejudiced thought; very narrow-minded too. i meditate every day because of my religion, and because it's very healthy for your body and mind. so how about keeping your bashing comments away fron prying eyes and go read andflame another FML.

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Healthy? Try some actual thinking, that is healthy for your mind.

You obviously know nothing about meditation. It has a good, proven effect on health (stress management for example) if done properly as a relaxation technique. It dosen't have to be related to religion at all, but many religions involve meditation. Now if OP's school performs prayers, they can call it whatever the want, naming it as such dosen't make it meditation. Sitting on a chair (as the OP implies) is usually an epic fail from the start in a class for actual meditation, so it's a borderline lie because actualy a prayer. At last, the teacher was a bitch. April's fool day is a fun part of culture and harmless jokes are fully appropriate on that day.

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dude don't hate on a religion different than your own. I'm southern baptist christian but I don't go around hatin on (for example) Muslims or Bhuudists (totally bot spelled right, I know...) the hating is uncalled for.

People chill some of us are religious, some of us aren't. No need to argue over this

I go to a Catholic school and they do occasional meditation. maybe this guy goes to a Catholic School

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I went to a non catholic or anything else school and we meditated from time to time...

Out of all the teachers you could have pranked, you pick the uptight (and probably somewhat retarded) prick who believes in an invisible man who watches us all. Smart.

my theology teacher wad cooler than that. when someone fell asleep in class he would make us all go out in the hall and he would kick the guy's desk and stand there with his arms crossed. good times.

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AHAHAH Jokes on you guys! I love when April fools jokes go wrong! :)

Why would you pick someone you know won't respond well to your joke? Do it with a care-free type of teacher who you know would just laugh it off.


Exactly. Those religion teachers are strict as hell. Was a great prank, though. :)

but #7, the uptight ones are the most fun...hahaha.

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They always have the funniest faces when something happens too

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The uptight ones don't respond well to pranks, but they're the one's who most deserve it. I'd say the detentions are worth it..

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YDI for celebrating a pagan holiday. God will not be mocked!

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April fools is not a pagan holiday...even my mega-conservative parents think it's fun to pull jokes on people

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you close minded asshole there is more than one religion and they can follow any one they want your saying they deserve bad stuff to happen because they believe differently