By oh well - / Thursday 14 March 2019 06:00 / United States - Hesperia
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  Sheepiebeepie  |  24

For real! Like if anything they would question the mom for sending her kids off somewhere and not making sure they were fed something they would eat. Not her kids, and was doing the sister a damn favor in general.

By  KhalisKat  |  6

CPS is a bit over the top, but they are her kids and it's her choice what she feeds them If she told you to feed them something, no matter how unhealthy you think it is, then you give them what she tells you to, because that is the type of decision parents get to make and others get not to argue.
You'd be just as pissed if someone watched your kids and gave them something else than you had instructed them to.

  riley873  |  17

while that's true. that crap food isn't cheap. all the woman had to do was provide the money to buy the buy food. whenever I sit for anyone they either provide the food they want their kids to eat OR they provide the money to buy it


i'd actually be happy that my kid would be eating actual did you know microwave's radiate food to heat it up and that once done your body no longer registers it as fuel also nearly every single fast food place has something unhealthy with mcdicks has lard filled icecream and frozen burgers that are healthier than their salad the kids are just addicted to eating junk


This is totally not a thing, especially when it’s healthy food. I can see a parent saying no sugar and having to abide by that, but not saying no to healthy food. Whenever I was somewhere other than with my parents for dinner, I ate whatever was prepared.

  cazziuz1983  |  8

I'm not certain where you grew up, but from where I am from, if I am sitti g your kids then I feed your kids... With what I make, which is the same thing my kids eat, if your kids refuse to eat fine then the get the same treatment as my kids would get... You don't wanna eat that's fine, but legally I am required to provide you meals, not force you to eat them, let her call CPS, law is on my side for this, lol

  404wan  |  11

yeah that's bullshit. if you leave your child with someone you dont trust you're a truly shit parent. if you leave them with someone you do trust they will be fed. dictating what your kids will eat when you're not the one feeding them is ridiculous and nobody will want to watch your kids again.