By Gary
Today, after countless failed rejections and derision from women, I've realized that the only time I experience any sort of happiness is when I'm eating. They say there's someone out there for all of us, but maybe that's not true. FML
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By  minkyrose  |  1

Relationships are hard. To blame anyone but yourself will only make things worse for you. Try to do things you really enjoy. Once you find you love yourself, another will too.

By  mekiswrite  |  19

You're probably going after the wrong women. A lot of people think they know who the want or what they're looking for, but often times that "right" match isn't what you thought it should be.

By  Memnoc  |  26

Stop looking so hard. Live your life, make yourself happy, then someone will come along out of nowhere, completely unexpected. Give it time. It will happen on its own.