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Today, the couple who had written the offer we had accepted for our house withdrew it because apparently when they came by for the home inspection, my next door neighbor's teenage son tried to sell them heroin. FML
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You better call the police to put a stop to this or it will keep happening and you'll never sell the house.

Hey, I wouldn't want to live next door to someone like that either. I can only imagine what the parents are like.


They can't just do that, can they?

Eh idk that's kind of rude, right?

So, did they buy the heroin?

RedPillSucks 31

Yes, they can. Most contracts have a rescind clause

Maybe depends on local law? I know once both parties have agreed on an offer here, it becomes a legally binding contract. But that's just one little country, I doubt the USA has the same law in every state.

So they're not itching to join the local business are they? I'm sorry OP, that's unfortunate. Maybe they'll change their minds or whoever makes an offer next time will be better.

some contracts might have a three day period to withdraw after signing an agreement

imagineapc 11

Most contracts have a rescind period that allows the potential buyers to back out for any reason, at no cost. I would say their experience with the neighbor is more than just cause to rescind a contract. I would not have bought my house if a neighbor did the same thing, not a chance.

Right. Where I come from that isn't called an "excuse", it's called a "valid reason".

I think that they might be able to withdraw the contract but still have to pay you the earnest money (often $500 or $1,000).

Where I am we had a couple agree to buy our house and back out 4 days before possession date. People are dicks.

In most places there is a 15 day due diligence period in which the buyer has the option to do inspections and they can pull out if they so desire. Sucks for both sides though that there is such sh*tty people out there.

Oh dear :( I think you need to have words. Possibly with a baseball bat for protection!

You better call the police to put a stop to this or it will keep happening and you'll never sell the house.

For all we know the neighbor kid might be pranking them. But you know what, a night in a jail cell might set you straight. This is not a great market to sell houses, so if he causes them to loose a sale he needs to face the consequence. But then again, he might be selling drugs and needs to go to jail.

colton_colton 49

You gotta love your neighbors

This reminds me of Step Brothers. "All the houses on this street recycle."

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*Spoiler to Step Brothers if you haven't seen it* just to make sure. my favorite is when he is dressed like the Nazi and mowing his lawn.

'its the asbestos that did it!'

Hey, I wouldn't want to live next door to someone like that either. I can only imagine what the parents are like.

Often in these cases the parents are not in any way to blame. Dealers are often addicts and addicts have an illness that affects everything they do and how they act. The parents in all likelihood are powerless to stop him and are at their wits end. Please don't blame the parents - it is not their fault their son is an addict or deals.

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Have you tried talking to their son? That does suck though OP, maybe once you tried talking to him he'll learn not to do that as to letting you sell the house without any interferences.

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OP shouldn't get anywhere near that kid. Who knows what he's capable of? That's not just a teenager trying to earn a bit of pocket money by selling the pot he grows in his parent's back yard to his class mates, that's a full-blown drug dealer with access to a class A drug. Who just tried to convince two strangers to get addicted to heroin. That's not a matter for friendly neighborhood calls, that's a matter for the police to deal with.

cadillacgal79 32

I realized how idiotic my comment sounded now, oh well, down vote me I guess :/

Lol you meant well #21, but it probably is best the police handle this one. I would be willing to bet this kids parents either don't know or are happily ignoring their son's "side job."

#18 unless it was a joke and the teenager as many do was just fucking with the people and wanted to scare them

49 - An eye for an eye, I say. He wanted to scare them by pretending to sell heroin? OP should scare him by arranging a chat with the police.

I do see where your coming from, but in all reality it was a prank. Real heroin dealers are extremely paranoid. In fact most heroin dealers refuse to meet face to face with someone who has been buying from them for months on end. Usually you have to go through someone who knows the dealer personally. I only know this because a couple of my old friends became heroin dealers. Now I refuse to hang out with them because I hate this drug the most. It took away a few of my friends, and killed one of my best friends. But you are right to say to stay away from that kid, because in the off chance he really is a dealer then he can become extremely violent without any warning. Heroin is the worst drug in this world, and it will turn even the most model citizen into a thief, an asshole, and a waste of life. Also it has a 98% relapse rate. Truly terrible :/.

Well heroin can be expensive, clearly they spent the money on the heroin and in turn, couldn't afford the house.

Heroin is actually one of the cheapest drugs in my region. That's why it's so popular right now. Not sure about other areas. But heroin has always been a cheaper drug

And you know this how?

In response to #44, don't buy cheap heroin, or any heroin for the matter, but especially not the cheap stuff

you could probably sue the teenagers parents for that. I wouldn't be surprised and for once i think it would be kind of justifiable.

'Merica, sue everyone. No proof anyway, just their word.

imagineapc 11

I see zero logic behind suing anyone in this case. Circumstantial evidence sucks, but it's not enough to win anything off of. The neighbor didn't even slander the sellers, just tried to sell drugs to the potential buyers.

Which is illegal, and supposedly is the sole reason their house didn't sell. It would be a fairly valid civil case, actually.

Kid is making a life for himself

Prison life seems like a more accurate term here.

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Would your neighbor happen to be epic Lloyd

izntdan 14

I guess no one got the epic rap battles of history reference

that poor joke dies about two bts episodes ago