By Sinkhole - 24/08/2013 15:27 - Guatemala - Guatemala City

Today, like every day for the past 6 months, I got a call from the same telemarketers. I've been ignoring the calls, so now they've started leaving me voicemails. I can't get rid of the annoying voicemail icon on my phone without making a call, so I have to pay to listen to their offers. FML
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So, to answer people's comments: I'm not really going to change numbers, because I've already changed my number like 4 times for unrelated reasons, and I'm tired of changing it. I don't have a contract phone, and blocking numbers through the phone company is more hassle than it's worth, and probably wouldn't work anyway. I have no smartphone, so I can't just get an app. Not gonna take legal action against them because this is not a sue happy country. I have already told them not to call me, many many times (would be stupid not to have tried that already). After six months of two or three calls from them a day, ignoring them is not as easy as it sounds. There is no "do not call" list in my country. The most ridiculous thing is that they're trying to sell me some English courses, and I've told them I don't even need them, but of course, they just want to sell. I'll have to muster up the courage to pick up the phone and play loud and freaky **** for them in the background until they decide I'm a deranged individual who shouldn't be messed with.

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You can take legal action against them.

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I play with the illegal telemarketers all the time. To start, start light. Hit on the opposite gender. Blow a whistle in to the phone. Ask them to hold on for a moment and see how long it takes for them to hang up. Once you're good at those, start trying to convert them to alternative religions, sing annoying songs (I like "The song that never ends" from Lamb Chop's Play Along), pretend to be a small child, Chant "no" in varying tone and length until they hang up, mimic back everything they say.... When you're really good start pretending they've called a hotline. My personal favorites are the National Organization of Satanists looking for a virgin for a blood orgy... and a hookup hotline for registered sex offenders. I used to get 5 or 6 calls a day from "Cardholder Services." Now I only get two a week or so. I'm on the crazy list.


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changing your number would fix this issue but you shouldn't have to, I'm sure there is an app for annoying calls

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Yeah, if you have a contract phone, can't you block their numbers by contacting your service provider? If you have a Pay as you go phone, get a new one.

Assuming OP has iOS, 7 has a number blocking option in the settings. Iirc, some androids will block numbers too

I don't think so. Atleast with AT&T. I actually came to their store in person and there was nothing they could do with the annoying number calling me.

You can pay $2.99 a month or something like that to block 30 numbers with AT&T. A ripoff if you ask me, but the option's there.

If you're with US Cellular you can block numbers

An easier option would be to simply answer one of their many calls and tell them to "remove your number from their calling list." Always works for me. They legally can't call you again if you ask them not to. If not, you'll keep getting them because a computer goes down the list and repeatedly calls the numbers. Also, add your number to the national Do Not Call list, so other telemarketing places don't pay to get your number. You shouldn't have to pay to block it. Besides, some call from multiple lines in their network and it's impossible to block every individual number!

You can also answer the call and tell them to remove your number off their system, worked well for me

You can take legal action against them.

Yes but that would cost OP money, which we've learned OP isn't too into spending a lot right now.

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That may work here in the States, but OP I'd in Guatemala, so it depends in their laws.

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This men. Strikes again with his not funny at all jokes.

if you tell them not to call you, they shouldn't call you again.

This ^ all you have to say is "Take me off your list" and they are prohibited by law to never call you again.

You should just ignore the icon, its no big deal

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Take em to the judge! But, seriously, take legal action. Ain't nobody got time for that..

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There is a way to block incoming calls. You should look into it. FYL

I think OP just has to call their cell phone provider and they should be able to block the calls. Provided the telemarketers aren't withholding the number.

The op can also change the settings on their phone to automatically reject calls from numbers not in their address book.

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on my phone you just put the number on an ignore list. i had to do thar with a few telemarketers. they can technically still call you but you are none the wiser.

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I worked as a telemarketer for about 6 days and then had to quit because I couldnt do it anymore. It was a terrible job but I learned some interesting insight. Most telemarketers have different choices when they hang up from an unsuccessful call. If you are stern or angry with them and tell them Do not ever call here again they usually mark you out of the system.

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Register under the national do not call fill it out online and you'll get rid of those calls.

But does that work in other countries?

Half of those lists get sold to telemarketers cuz they know the number is active then.

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A telemarketer that calls a number on the do-not-call list risks an $11,000 fine here. Calling cell phones is also illegal for telemarketers as well. Of course I'm only referring to where I live.