By indi1011 - Australia


Today, I was giving a presentation to a group of high school kids about how being 'cool' wasn't as important as they might think. When I was done I asked for questions. A kid says, "Miss, I get that you're not into being cool, but you're wearing your pants inside out." He was right. FML
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By  mikaela33194  |  0

How do you not notices that your pants are inside out? shirts I understand but you gotta zip up or button pants. unless you were wearing sweatpants or stretchy a presentation?

By  Emry_fml  |  0

I can't believe you did the whole thing with your sweats inside out. You deprived all those kids the irony of whatever trendy word was written on your young philanthropical ass.

By  Alex_DeLarge  |  0

I smell fake. Kids don't usually say things like "I get that you're not into being cool, but..."
They usually say things like "YOUR PANTS ARE INSIDE OUT! HAW HAW!"