By XxFA1LxX - 06/11/2011 05:14 - Canada

Today, I scored the winning goal in my soccer tournament. For the other team. FML
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XxFA1LxX tells us more.

It was a deflection. It's not like I was stupid enough to purposely shoot on my own net.

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He shoots... He scores!!!! Wait... What?!?!?

I have seen of this scenario on so many sitcoms, but I never actually thought it could happen in real life


LOL woooowwww... How did you manage to pull that off? FYL.. ;D

While passing it to your goalie, use excessive force.

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I'm sorry OP. I've played soccer for 10 years and I'm a goalie. Don't stress on it. One time I was in a soccer tournament and the ball deflected of off one of my teammates and thats how we lost. There's really nothing you can do about it.

I've seen this FML before! He copied it >:L

The other team must have been very appreciative :)

Think on the bright side, The other team use love you.

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It's weird cuz in my tournament yesterday, one kid scored on their own goal...

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Damn_Hippster 11

112 don't you know that proper grammar is too mainstream?

Wow I'm sorry but how'd you do that?? lol

It was a deflection. It's not like I was stupid enough to purposely shoot on my own net.

Another OP comments?? That's so cool! Oh and yeah that happened to me to. I felt so horrible, but, there was nothing I could do about it, but shake it off.

OP are you from Edmonton? Because someone on team willowby did that not too long ago.

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It's ok. My team lost a tournament because our own team scored on us twice and the goalie punted it backwards into the net. I was that goalie.

screw u! its not because op's canadian its because they made a mistake.

haha i did that too, the same game ;P

He shoots... He scores!!!! Wait... What?!?!?

Yeah, usually though this only happens when there is a wizard around who pushes the ball around with his wand and strange things happen to the ball, that; or the guy who scored is a total @/)/@--/////$/"/@/. Yes, I used that word.

61, it's football not soccer! jk it's soccer cause America>Every other country

82 you should learn how to count it is supposed to be81 not 61

82, My brain wasn't able to comprehend your message, is it that football is the topic of the FML, or America being the best... Sorry, just curious.

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82- You are a dumb ass. Many people in America call it futbol. Futbol is the proper name.

Isn't Canada just a little America? (simpsons reference)

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Maybe he deserves it for being Canadian?

I have seen of this scenario on so many sitcoms, but I never actually thought it could happen in real life

it has happened to the greatest of teams buddy

Yeah you don't know anything about soccer if you thought this couldn't happen. All it takes is the ball to deflect off a teammate into their own goal. It isn't like he actually shot the ball against his own team.

I've heard this FML before on this website

I actually did this today. Thank baby Jesus it was a practice though

61- I'm sorry, let me rephrase that 'I never thought someone could be so stupid to do this in real life' better? -.-

159 thank you baby Jesus, sittin' there in your lil' manger... watchin' Baby Einstein videos learning about shapes and colors...

No. it's not better because it actually does happen all the time, as they mentioned above, to even the better teams since it is very easy to accidentally deflect the ball the wrong way. -_- Now read the posts before you hit the "reply" button.

You didn't hear your teammates yell "Wrong way dumbass!" while heading towards the goal?

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5, he didnt dribble the whole length of the field and score on his own goalie. it was probably just a deflection and unfortunately went into his own goal. op, sorry bro. but, it happens all the time!!!! People will be frustrated with you for a while, but they'll get over it. its not like you did it on purpose. :D

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86- too stupid, will just ignore.

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Just only think about the part where u score a winning goal. Who cares what team. There is no WIN in TEAM

The phrase is 'there is no I in team' buddy

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14- ? Well obviously if that is some attempt at a joke, it's gone way over my head.

55- Wow. I just commented on your other post because you thought he shot the ball at his own goal. Now you don't understand this simple joke. You're not very bright are you?

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On a slightly related note, there is a meat in team. YUM(:

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Wes brown? as in marylands wes brown?

No Wes Brown is a soccer player who plays for Sunderland in the Barclays Premier League in England. On Saturday, he scored an own goal against his parent club Manchester United :)

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Bend it like Benidict Arnold YDI

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