Calm your hormones, dude

By PinChi - 09/02/2022 17:00 - United States - Chicago

Today, my girlfriend invited her sorority sister, who fled an abusive relationship, to live with us without asking me. This wouldn't be a problem, but her friend is easily two points hotter than her and…. thirsty. FML
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Stop thinking with your dick and don't touch her.

Control your whoremones


Still don't see a problem. If you get caught boning her, you can say it was a pity fuck. Pity fucks are forgivable based on humanitarian concerns. If you don't get caught, even better.

Yup. I think it's even part of the Geneva convention. Or rather vaGineva convention in this case.

Stop thinking with your dick and don't touch her.

Control your whoremones

Right. And I was the first human on Mars.

Sounds like the start to a good 3-way porno.

Wadlaen 23

Congratulations! And the best of luck to you!😅

Wow... that's messed up. You definitely sound like someone who can't be trusted. The girl is just getting out of an abusive relationship, and all you can think of is that she's hotter than your girlfriend - how would that make her feel? Keep it in your pants, dude.

repKyle95 24

Seriously. Like, I'd be on the guy's side if he hadn't mentioned her looks just because having another woman who is "thirsty" living with you and your partner is obviously not the best, but bringing her looks into it is just skeevy as fuck