All you need is hate

By dev - 28/08/2011 06:18 - United States

Today, I was at a family reunion, but I've always hated my family. I walked up behind my husband and said, "I can't wait to go home and get it on." My husband turned around. It was my uncle, wearing the same hat as my husband's. FML
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kings1fan 6

Look on the bright side. Your uncle doesn't know you hate your family. He just thinks your horny as hell!


herop 0

Good luck! I hope you are still alive in that family reunion

Majstr 23

Run for your life.

herop 0

No i was talking about "they didnt kill you with a gun?"

Did he have a creepy grin when he turned around?

Mash and dash?

Heheheh Maybe he gave her the 'rape glare'

G_thelegend 0

"today, my niece told me she couldn't wait to make love to me. at our family reunion. FML"

winner2013 0

Hahaha damn!!!!!!

Lol I wonder what was on his mind that evening?

"My niece is so hot and she wants to make love to me."Something along those lines.

At least she said "make love" as opposed to... well you know

LaydiexSkull 3

At least OP said "make love" instead of something like "I'm totally gonna f*ck your brains out tonight" or an equally dirty variation of that :p

sean616 3


So is your comment.

aFatFuck 0

"I can't wait to go home and make love." *Uncle slowly turns head around revealing a grin from ear to ear, creepily penetrating you with his perverted stare* "AAWWWWW YYEEEEAAAAAA"

GuitarFail123 9

so was i supposed to laugh from tht? (>^-^)>

Op's eyes slowly widen revealing a face of pure horror and her lips curl in disgust as the full impact of what she's done hits her. "AAWWWWW SSHHHHIIIITT"

kings1fan 6

Look on the bright side. Your uncle doesn't know you hate your family. He just thinks your horny as hell!

matthewbrazier 0


leadman1989 15

Who talks like that? Come on girl give us some dirty talk... but not to your uncle that would be creepy... Also try not to hate your family if at all possible. :

Especially at a family reunion.Being around family that you hate makes you horny?

RainbowHeadache 2

I know. I can't say "making love" without feeling like an idiot. My boyfriend says it & I laugh every time. Why'd she have to wait until they got home? I'm sure wherever the fam reunion is has an area perfect for bangin. Gives you fuel to make it through the reunion, OP. Think about it.

"oh uh... oh god i'm sorry"

bizarre_ftw 21

Nice!! Pic! Very artsy ^_^

wild_n_out 8

what are you talking about? she looks constipated.

UrLyfSuxx 0

35- conceited.

yourlifesfucked 0

Not to be a dik, but black and white isn't artsy.

omg i was just pretending to be ray charles!! no artsiness here i promise

is this good enough?!

kickazz16 15

Awkward turtle.

extreme awkward turtle~o.o

Awkward turtle has awkward babies!!!

Socially awkward penguin wins anyday.

awh_crap 17

Were you that oblivious? Surely you'd look at more than just the hat to differentiate people. FYL for the awkwardness, YDI for being quite so stupid.

bizarre_ftw 21

She could've been drunk. She does hate her family, some people cope by getting pissed

dd809 9

Still not a very good excuse

bloodypanda 0

Do you not realize how big family reunions can get? It was probably crowded in the house and when she saw the hat she got relieved and ran behind him to hide from the family.

Hey. That was a big BURN!

muhilrashid 4

Haha i needed a laugh you just made day thank you . Oh and i hope you and uncle are still cool .... But not that cool ah haha no but seriously FYL

bizarre_ftw 21

Well cool probably doesn't work as she hates him :/

15- your pic is an epic win.

muhilrashid 4

Thanks man haha