By meh - 17/01/2018 09:00 - United States - Dublin

Today, after drinking myself to an oblivion, I awoke with a massive hangover. I didn’t want to go to work, but every excuse I came up with in my head screamed of alcoholics. When I arrived, my boss asked me why I was there. It was my day off. FML
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In fact, that's probably why you decided to get shitfaced the previous night in the first place.

At least, you can go home and take the #1 cure for hangover: Gettin’ drunk again!


WeirdUS 29

Hopefully you didn’t rush and still had time to shower ect. It’s one thing to call in early to check if you are scheduled but rushing in and completely forgetting doesn’t look good.

You’ve either got an alcohol problem or a memory problem. Assuming you have a dynamic schedule, do you not copy down your schedule and post it where you can see it? If not , you probably should start. Maybe high light your off days with a bright yellow marker or something.

They were hungover after a night of blotto drinking. They were probably still drunk from the night before if they drank that much. Perhaps, in that condition, they didn't recall the day, or the schedule? I would be willing to bet, sir or madam, that you are not a heavy drinker. ; )

I do hope that this isn't something that happens to you often. If you frequently drink to the point of unconsciousness, you should stop drinking, and if you find that you can't, get help for it. Not trying to be mean, just concerned. I have enough of my own memories of waking up _without_ memories. Dead brain cells aside, the things you do when blackout drunk are not likely to be the sort of things you will feel proud of afterwards. If this was a rare, or first-time thing, I do hope it encourages you not to drink to excess in the future. And yes, it's still bad for you to drink to unconsciousness at all. ...And yes, even if you are still in college.