Today, I came home to find that one of my roommates had taken the curtain, along with its railing, off the window in our living room because we kept forgetting to open the curtain for her plants in the morning. FML

By Anonymous - / Thursday 30 March 2017 21:48 / United States - Syracuse
FML - The follow-up
AkaiKitsune Say more :
Now for the full story, since FML has such limited space. Me and my friends went way the fuck up to the middle of nowhere with the horses and trailer. The truck only seats four people but there was five of us. Since buddy 1 was contributing the truck and #2 the trailer. #3 brought food/gas and #4 brought supplies a spare horse for transportation of all our shit. Then there was me. Too broke to contribute...
By AkaiKitsune - / Monday 27 March 2017 15:24 /
FML - The follow-up

Today, some kids playing around stepped in front of the bus I was on. The driver slammed the brakes, and I hit my knee so hard my kneecap dislodged. The kids were all fine, though. FML

Hgbest11 Say more :
nah dude. the kids were playing that dumb game where you pretendingly dart in front of a car and then dart back, it's a really idiotic game. but they were never really in danger of getting hit.
By limping - / Tuesday 28 March 2017 17:50 / United Kingdom - London
By Anonymous - / Thursday 30 March 2017 21:35 / United Kingdom - Winsford
By John - / Thursday 30 March 2017 16:08 / United States
By Loserman67 - / Thursday 30 March 2017 21:40 /
By Pennysaver - / Monday 27 March 2017 19:22 / United States - Metairie

Today, after moving to the big city, and missing the natural world from my tiny, 10th floor apartment, I bought a window bird feeder. Within half an hour, it had fallen off, landed on, and killed a pigeon. FML

By BirdWatching - / Monday 27 March 2017 23:24 / United Kingdom - London
By Anonymous - / Monday 27 March 2017 23:22 /
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