C8H18 Say more :
OP, here. Being a small town of 200 hundred people there's really not much information when I did searches. Even the realistate agent didn't mention it. I've found that the tourists only know if it because they live in the sourrounding cities a few hours away and simply searched for lakes in the area. Unfortunately this "lake" they're vacationing to isn't really a lake. It's a man made reservoir for...
By Save Me - / Thursday 22 June 2017 17:43 /
Druu Say more :
OP here! I finally got an FML published -- wooo! [Gimme them badges! I should have two gold ones coming my way!] I'm the eldest child, and I already made plans to go fishing that night, so I wasn't really in contention anyway. (Though I would gladly have abandoned those plans if it didn't mean bailing on someone else.) As for which Hamilton, the REAL one on Broadway. :-P I did consider offering a bribe...
By Druu - / Thursday 22 June 2017 11:36 /
UberAwesone Say more :
OP here, I live in Indonesia, and most bathrooms here have seperate keys instead of a toggle. Thankfully, my brother has a spare house key, I was able to call him over and get him to call a locksmith to get me out. I posted this FML while we were waiting for the locksmith to come by.
By UberAwesone - / Thursday 22 June 2017 15:24 / Indonesia - Jakarta
By Mother of a dumb blonde - / Thursday 22 June 2017 02:00 /
By Kate - / Wednesday 21 June 2017 02:00 /
By FidoForever - / Tuesday 20 June 2017 22:00 /
By kill me - / Tuesday 20 June 2017 04:00 /
By Elmine - / Monday 19 June 2017 21:00 / France
Tiny Terror Say more :
Hi, I submitted this FML. I'm not the waiter, but I was part of the table he was serving. It was my sister's baby and while she was upset, by the end of the dinner she realized mistakes happen. We just changed the baby, cleaned/wiped things up and had to do some laundry that night!
By dangerwaiter - / Monday 19 June 2017 14:49 /
TheDword Say more :
Hey guys OP here, i cant believe this got featured especially as incoherent as i thnk it is. To answer some questions i do kinda wish that they would get back together but it really was a mess of a family. As pathetic as it sounds i am living with my gf and her family since my mother, who knows that he is going to live there, currently lives with her mother and its rather packed. The house my father...
By Anonymous - / Monday 19 June 2017 08:41 / United States - Spring Hill
Nightlark Say more :
Hey, OP here. Basically, I made a joke. I've just got back from uni so I'm not used to hiding parts of myself (I don't have to hide it around my mum cause she likes to pretend it doesn't exist). My nan was talking about me getting married, saying I needed to find Mr right. I made a joke about it being Mrs Right without thinking and here we are.
By Trappedinthecloset - / Monday 19 June 2017 12:41 /
By Anonymous - / Sunday 18 June 2017 16:00 /
By Thoughtless Wife - / Sunday 18 June 2017 14:00 /
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