By KeptMyHandsUp - / Thursday 17 August 2017 17:15 / United States

Today, I went on my first date in a year with a guy I met just a couple hours ago. I went back to my hotel to get better dressed and met him at the bar. I brought my purse, he brought his girlfriend. FML

By Anonymous - / Thursday 17 August 2017 22:45 / Romania
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Hi everyone, OP here. I'm really struggling to put everything into perspective, so many thanks for all of your input! I'd like to clarify that he took the pictures at his own initiative at occasions where I was (getting) undressed. I didn't really give permission, just playfully raised a fist and let him. After all, we've been together for 11 years since highschool, I would've trusted him with my...
By Anonymous - / Thursday 17 August 2017 11:51 /

Today, on my second week in my new job, I opened my desk drawer of snacks. Apparently no one had bothered to tell me that there's an office rat or mouse that the building management refuses to do anything about. FML

By Stan017 - / Thursday 17 August 2017 03:45 / Singapore - Singapore
nightfall8705 Say more :
Actually, it's not stolen, it really did happen, and it happened because my cousin is a thieving turd and needed a taste of his own medicine. And no I didn't actually touch the cup with my mouth so I don't have the mouth herpes. The more you know.
By nightfall8705 - / Wednesday 16 August 2017 13:05 /
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