By Savannah - / Friday 3 February 2017 14:36 / United States - Spring Hill
FML - The follow-up
mishmish5 Say more :
Hi everyone, I'm the OP. I can't believe after all these years I finally got an FML published! I agree with all the comments that this is incredibly sad - for almost a week afterwards I was having flashbacks about the terrible sounds and the sight of blood and hair in the heater. The second the heater started shaking I knew what had happened and tried to turn it off right away. The squeaking stopped...
By poorstupidrat - / Friday 3 February 2017 08:16 / Hong Kong - Hong Kong
FML - The follow-up
swervelol Say more :
Wow two FML's in a row its been a rough few weeks! This was my FML, (not sure why FML has been so buggy and not showing me as the OP on either of mine) thanks for the concern guys!! I'm doing alright now, and I'd like to clarify for the FML. I don't usually get sick ever but turns out I was severely dehydrated and the blood couldn't rush to my head it was causing me to black out and seize and it was...
By - / Thursday 12 January 2017 17:53 /
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