By youfuckingslut - / Sunday 11 November 2012 19:11 / United States
mallycat14 Say more :
Hi guys I'm the person that posted this and the reason my bra was still on was because it was a quickie . And we didn't really have time to get completely undressed lol . And no one came because my nose bled everywhere. And on top of that we had no paper towels so I had to use one of his shirts to stop the bleeding right away. And he head butted me on accident . His hips went up too fast and I basically...
By mallycat14 - / Thursday 25 June 2015 16:26 / United States
GymnasticsQueen Say more :
Ok, first of all you don't know me so you have no right to criticize me. You don't know how much pain I am in. I twisted my wrist when I fell. I am really good at gymnastics so don't say ANYTHING about that, but now I can't go to practice until my wrist is better. I was putting her present in the passenger seat, I wouldn't get out on the passenger side if I was driving so I had no way to know there...
By GymnasticsQueen - / Monday 8 February 2010 00:35 / United States
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