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By IronMonkey - 09/06/2009 19:39 - United States

Today, I work for a company that sells a leading brand of condoms. They give away free condoms to employees at the office. I haven't gotten laid since I began working here. FML
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panicked 0

so the condoms are just piling up? give them to hobos in need or something.

Perhaps you need to get out more & find ladies you can test the product on? If all else fails get yourself a blow up doll ;)


thatd be a pretty good pickup line i work at a condom store...(insert snappy phrase here) anyone?

Condoms suck anyway. You're not missing out on sloppy rubbery sex. Pulling yet has never failed me

Chaith 16

Yeah, that fact might scare a couple first dates off.

Lol! Nice! Love the pulling out method! Lmao!

amazingkate 0

condoms don't automatically get you laid, you know. you don't work at a brothel. go out and get laid if you want to get laid. i hear being not lame works.

24788 & cinderElla21 might need your free samples later... LOL

good for you no body cares. its always helpful to say how long youve been working there. this is not an FML ur just an idiot

Masterate into them

amazingkate 0

nice, #11. "... and i'm looking for product testers."

lmaoo. don't feel bad. You could always sell some for a prostitute. (;