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By 0stvn0 - 16/03/2012 01:18 - Canada

Today, my doctor booked me in for an STI test. I was feeling confident until he explained it will involve having a catheter inserted into my piss pipe. He shook his head sadly and said, "Gonna be honest Steve, the pain's beyond belief." Great. FML
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On the bright side....nope, nothing's coming to me.

It's worth it. You're being responsible and safe.


On the bright side....nope, nothing's coming to me.

Hopefully the sex was worth it.

On the bright side, they're not sticking anything up his poop-chute.

Michael_92 20

Wait I got something.....nah nothing nevermind.

GovernorGeneral 8

I got it! I got the perfect..oh. Oh look there it goes.

Isaac_The_Man 0

There are catheters that fit on like a condom...

Brice28_fml 10

When I was 7 I had to have one done because whenever I pissed it wouldn't come all the way out and they had to fill my bladder that way.. Needless to say it hurts like a bitch and it hurts to pee for 2 weeks or so afterwards.

Sanch101 7

Nothing will be coming to him after having that done (for a while at least).

It came, it came... it came all over the floor

I think that might actually be better than getting something up your dick, and the doc saying it will fucking hurt

It's worth it. You're being responsible and safe.

stevenJB 25

My name is Steve.....!!!!! :(

Oh my, aren't you the unique one.

He obviously wan't being responsible and safe not too log ago...

TSN619 7

40- just because he is getting an STD test doesn't mean he was irresponsible, even if you wear a condom there is a slight chance of catching an STD. Also, even I'f the woman is on birth control and you wear a condom there is still a chance of her getting pregnant. So please know what you're talking about before you open your mouth.

RedPillSucks 31

Especially if any "oral" was involved. But then, I guess they wouldn't be checking his dick.

Jeez 115, cool your tits. I know. I was making a joke.

They check your throat along with your dick/vag. Because you can pass along STDs orally.

115, STDs can be passed by birth too

I like this guy (no homo)

my middle name is steve

Shaniaaa20 0

Eek. That's gonna sting.

thejewishfuhrer 17

I'd be pissed.

SadDashie92 3

60 - I c what u did there

derecteevee 1

idk what they do up there in Newfoundland but every time I've been tested its blood work and urine samples

nofearjenshere 12

Good luck! Just reading this made me cringe, and I'm a girl. :b

I don't see why you would cringe. It isn't happening to you. At least you gave him some good luck. Make it another too.

Girls can have tests with catheters through the urethra as well; trust me, it's not pleasant.

I think she was cringing at the thought of what it would be like. I did the sanme, poor OP, ask for the green whistle.

C'mon, no one here thought that's something Dr. Leo spaceman from 30 rock would say?

That hurts just thinking about it! Sorry dude..

Jdog619 11

I have an imaginary friend named Steve. Steve's an asshole.

Soon he'll be a big dickhole

Steve's an asshole with a piss-pipe.

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Have your dick hurt for awhile is better than carrying an STD

midnight165 5

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I hate reading things like this. it gives me sympathy pains