Unreasonable demands

By Anonymous - 12/06/2021 06:01

Today, my girlfriend was mad I have so many female contacts in my phone and demanded I delete some of them. Two thirds of them are blood relatives, the rest are coworkers and one is a friend I’ve known since primary school, who is dying of a brain tumour. Which exactly should I delete? FML
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The girlfriend, clearly. Sounds toxic af

Yeah cut the girlfriend. Sounds like she's insecure.

Delete the girlfriend!!! She's crazy.

TomeDr 24

Agree with the “delete the girlfriend“ comments. But for now, rename your female relatives in your phone. Make sure you don’t forget their “new” names.

I am so glad so many comments are sayin to delete the girlfriend’s number. If she is angry at you for having too many females in your phone, she is clearly expressing toxic behavior. Maybe she herself isn’t toxic and has been scorned before, but that doesn’t give someone the right to behave so toxic to their partner. She either has to be okay with it or she needs to be kicked to the curb. We do not tolerate toxic and manipulative behaviors in this house.

You should figure out why she feels so insecure and deal with the actual issue. It would be extremely rare to find someone who was 100% emotionally secure/healthy. Working through this sort of thing is what relationships are about. That said if every day is a battle, then yeah time to bail. Not all wars are worth fighting.

you should delete your controlling excuse for a companion girlfriend

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Definitely the girlfriend. You deserve better treatment than that. Can you say “buhbye bitch”