By theshire - 12/08/2014 06:23 - France - Nice

Today, it's been 10 days since my family and I have been visiting France. I've always wanted to try their culinary specialties but my dad says we "can't trust them". We've eaten at McDonald's 9/10 times. FML
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I'm so sorry OP. What's stopping you from going out on your own?

McDonalds will kill you eating it like that.


I'm so sorry OP. What's stopping you from going out on your own?

It sounds like they just can't afford it

I just want to mention that #27 is so to the point that it deserves a thumbs up. :D

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That might be it, 27. But I don't see why a family would go on a big vacation like this, if they have no money left over to eat some good food.

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I think 27 was most likely talking about OP individually.

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OP may be too young to be going out to eat on their own in a place foreign to them.

Well it sounds as if OP is most likely a teenager, so most likely he doesn't have any money to go out and eat on his own and his dad probably won't give him any.

may be they are too afriad to try new things...

#27 Mc Donalds is pretty expensive here in France compared to North America (that's where I assume OP is from). She could go to a little family restaurant and pay the same price for a menu at fast food restaurants.

He probably doesn't want the trip to be turned into another Taken movie.

McDonalds will kill you eating it like that.

The fries don't even mold after months...something is wrong if bacteria won't even bite

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tell your dad It's time for a change. all that McDonald's food isn't healthy for you

Maybe in the states but they're in a foreign country. So the menu would change depending on the countries taste

Well according to your nickname you're a hobbit, so ten meals equals to about one day. That's not too bad. You have the other ninety meals.

Hobbit or no hobbit, it's still 9 out of 10 times. So it would be the other way around: 90 McDonald's meals, 10 other meals.

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You don't always get all 6 meals when your on adventures.

Precious words by #50! Smeagol knows what he's talking about!

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Snails (escargot) are delicious!!

The funny thing is that there are more foreigners eating snails in France than French people doing it because "it's the French thing to do." Snails are nothing exceptional. They're as good as the sauce they're in.

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I like snails in sauces, pesto mouses, and just plain. They can taste fine without sauce you know.

Atleast you probably got some French fries.

Did you know that the French actually hate that name? They just call them fried potatoes, it's American who call them french fries

I understand they call the fries by a different name, "Pomme Frit" (language differences) but why would they hate that name itself? And how do they feel about that American cheese on those burgers?

#29 that square cheese is just "fake square cheese for hamburger". It looks nothing like french cheese actually

French fries got their name when they were first introduced in Paris Texas, they have nothing to do with France.

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Also, technically they're called fried apples. Sure, it's because pommes frites (fried apples) is much easier to say than pommes de terre frites (fried earth apples = potatoes), but it's still quite amusing for anyone studying the language instead of growing up with it.

Can you not get fried apples over there?

Indeed, #32 french fries originate from Belguim. When world war one began, many people spoke french there, and the people who spoke english, soldiers and all the like, came up with giving it the name french fries as they ate it.

#29 A lot of people call it plastic cheese. And yes, we don't necessarily hate the name "French fries", we just think it's weird, just like "French beans" and "French kiss". We say fries, beans and kiss.

looks like the only French thing you're eating is fries

I don't know why you're getting downvoted. Yes, the beef in French McDonalds comes from French cows (or they at least say so on the packaging).

I'm sorry you are missing out on some good snails

Hope the OP at least got to try some great wines. (: