By C8H18 - United States
Today, my supervisor gave me a grand introduction as I met the CEO for the first time. He introduced me as, "Employee number zero." FML
C8H18 tells us more :
OP here. I don't work in programming. I teach weapons safety courses and coach people while shooting on the range. The only thing that came to mind when my supervisor said this was the center ring on the targets. Maybe I am wrong, but I took this as I should be shot at.
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whatcha gonna be watcha gonna be brother? ZERO THE HERO!

Don't you wanna be dont you wanna be brother? ZERO THE HERO!

when you gonna be when you gonna be brother? ZERO THE HERO

impossibility impissibolity mother, REALLY A HERO!

By  NeatNit  |  32

What are you complaining about OP? If number two is better than number three, number one is better than number two, then obviously number zero is better than number one. It's simple extrapolation!

You are officially better than the number one employee. Congratulations!