By argh - United States
Today, my mother gave my daughter a behavior chart. I noticed that "drinking beer" was at the top of one of the columns. It's a chart for my daughter to use on me so my mother can judge my parenting skills. I am currently losing a sticker right now for being on the computer. FML
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  containsnosoy  |  0

If you never judge your parents, their actions, and their decisions, you aren't really learning anything from them, are you? We use our judgment everyday and we have the right to.

  Reyo  |  2

OP: Tell your mother that it's time to let you do shit on your own. Use the fact that you've already become a parent as many times as possible. Burn the chart and tell your daughtor that Grandma had her chance to teach you how to be a parent.

  Emrysa  |  1

This. Take the chart away. It teaches your daughter that she's in charge.
You're the parent. Then tell your mother that you are capable of raising your own child without her interference.

  AGGoddess  |  2

Agreed. Your mother should mind her own damn business. And if your daughter does have an issue with you, then she should know to come to you about it without doing something stupid like use this chart. Don't let your mom boss you around.

  kingbirdy23  |  0

when you were a kid and you had a problem with your parents, would you actually tell them? I know I never did, cause I'd get a good yelling at, then a lecture on respect, then be grounded for a couple weeks.

Today, my mum got out of rehab. In order to maintain her progress we set up a behaviour chart in which I judge her parenting skills and reward her. She's already lost one sticker. We started two minutes ago. FML.

  girlygirl666  |  0

Actually, these charts are sometimes given to a parent in therapy, or just out of rehab. The purpose is for the parent to judge their OWN parenting skills, and along with the therapist, focus on their percieved weaknesses. Sometimes one is insecure about one's own effectiveness and ability to parent. This tool is used to self- monitor any area the parent/patient feels they may be lacking, and they can then work on any problems with the therapist.

It can be a helpful tool. Unless the OP's mother is her therapist,(would not happen), I don't see why she would be using it, much less involving the child.

By  containsnosoy  |  0

Currently? You loose a star because your daughter should be in school.... and another one because you should be doing something about it instead of wallowing within yourself. No wonder your mother is doing this.

  containsnosoy  |  0

I guess it depends on what time her daughter's school is supposed to start. It said this was submitted 8:17 their time, so it could go either way. (Unless the time on the FML is the published time, which wouldn't really make sense because the first comment starts at 2:00 something)

By  TotalPandamonium  |  2

You need to woman up and tell your mom to back off because you're an adult.

You also need to remind your daughter that no matter what grandma says you are her parent. She shouldn't be disciplining you.