By ironfey - United States - Glen Allen
Today, as I was closing up at my sandwich-making job when a huge bus full of basic, snobby, preppy cheerleaders came in. They literally "can't even" decide what they want. FML
ironfey tells us more :
Oh geez. Umm hi. OP here c: so I should probably mention that it was about 10-15 minutes until closing time, and that we aren't allowed to close the gates until 5 til. First only like 5 came in, and we're like okay let's do this. We got this. And then another one came in. And another. And another. Not only that, but some of our bosses family came in, so we had to serve them FOR FREE. I didn't get to clock out until 30 minutes after, and I would've had to stay even later if it wasn't for the fact that I'm 16 and that child labor laws exist. And I should also mention that I have nothing against cheerleaders, I've known cheerleaders and dancers that are the most down to earth people in the entire world, but these girls were the type that ask for the meat to be heated separate, for us to pack the vegetables separately, ask for sauce on the side, etc. It was ridiculous. But thank you all for your comments, and anyone else out there working retail: You're a damn trooper, kudos to you c;
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  cre8tvlylicnsd  |  14

Not necessarily. I know "basic" is being used as a slang term these days. However, that doesn't mean that everyone is using the term in that way. In this instance, the OP could have been honestly using it to illustrate how simple these girls were (simpletons). Or, the OP may have been using "their" terminology ironically to illustrate his/her point.

Either way, I don't think you're in a position to judge. OP's grammar and syntax were fine.

  lexwilder  |  16

you clearly have no experience in the fast food business. 1) a bus full of people is always an fml 2) anyone that shows up at close is an fml 3) "literally can't even" is self explanatory.