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By  WCARlover  |  34

I'm gonna look at it in a positive were just one squat away from making your booty too big for your pants. Congrats on your toned behind, OP ;D

By  akelly727  |  0

I'm going to make a huge assumption and say this may of happened at Walmart.

  akelly727  |  0

It was a joke.. lighten up you're on FML not the morning news page. Maybe it's just a California thing but our Walmart's are know for people shopping in their pajamas, hence my pajama JOKE. What I can safely assume is you don't have the best since of humor.

  akelly727  |  0

OK so it was a stupid joke whoops. I thought it was kind of funny because is a known stigma for Walmart but I guess it's not like that everywhere, my bad! BUT #5 I am sorry I responded that way and I do feel bad for saying that you have no sense of humor, I'm sure you have a great one!

  akelly727  |  0

Thank you!

By  Wsparta  |  26

I have never found a pair of pajamas I could real squat in so more an FML than a YDI. Hopefully you can find a comfortable new pair of pajamas to replace them though!