By Tinker-Bell - 21/11/2008 03:41 - France

Today, when I woke up, my husband was already up. Thinking I hear him in the hall I shout out "come on, don't be shy, bring that cock in here right now!". A voice replies: "he's gone out to get some bread". It was my mother-in-law. FML
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The mother took it well I'd say.

Oh my god thats horrible--I'd die!


Oh my god thats horrible--I'd die!

That's embarassing. But good for OP she has a mature cool mother in law. Most would have just felt awkward and woudn't reply back and OP probably would have blurted out more dirty talk.

This is why we should never assume things.

Could be worse... like his father or your son(if you have any)

now if it were her kid, he would be the one writing this fml n not her... but that would be funny for the other ppl on here reading

The mother took it well I'd say.

wow. sounds like a GREAT way to start off the morning :]

He's gone to make you a cockmeat sandwich

ooh that is so embarassing its hilarious...

Awwww that sucks. :( well it couldnt be any more embarrassing. :]

unless she walked in with a strap on :0

I think you are the best wife in the world!

D8 I would piss my pants ... mine scares me shit-less when it comes to those situations.