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Today, a deer hit my car. I stopped to check on it, expecting it to be dead in the road or a ditch. The fucker was staring at me from the top of the hill and pranced off just fine. I get $800 in front-end damage and I'm still finding hair and fecal matter on my car. FML
IDidntKillADeer tells us more :
OP here, first of all I didn't expect this to get published. I was just blowing off steam on my favorite site. So, for the rude people, no i am not mad the deer didn't die. If anything I'm happy. This happened 3 years ago in Michigan. It was summer and deer weren't known to be around this BUSY road. My insurance did cover the damages. Me and the deer walked away shaken but alright. I had called a officer to the scene to make a report for the insurance and he had found the deer nearby with some scrapes. The only sad thing is that Bambi's mother was watching from a nearby hill and I'm pretty sure all animals are out to get me now as this wasnt my last incident with an animal hitting my car. Thank you to the funny and thoughtful people who commented. Again, I never expected this to get published nor seen. So don't be a Dick. I'm sensitive. ???
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Saying "you should pay more attention" followed by "it's not your fault" Doesn't make sense. Best thing to do is to buy one of those deer whistles at Walmart or something.


No. It isn't an FML because he didn't die. Its a FML because honestly, I totaled my front end because a deer decided to test death and survived and I paid for his suicide attempt. FFS. Im not heartless. I was more concerned about the deer than my own car. I just thought I'd share my experience and warn others about suicidal animals. Even see a pigeon sit in the middle of the street and get hit? That's totally a suicide attempt. Can we all just laugh at the fact the deer survived but my car had to have a lot of body work done? Deer 1 Car 0


He was alive 3 years ago. But hunting season has come and gone 3 times since then so I doubt hes still alive but I pray he is because he deserves a life of seldom for the shit he endured.


Not everyone has full coverage. Why is this so hard to comprehend (not necessarily directed towards you but a lot of people think this way) yes not all of us are rich and can afford full coverage.