By ow my kidneys - 14/07/2015 10:33 - Germany - Bad Oeynhausen

Today, I went down a water slide. Halfway through, I got stuck behind some kids who were blocking the tube. Seconds later, a big-boned lady crashed into my back. Her solution to break the blockade was to start kicking my back repeatedly as hard as she could. The kids still wouldn't move. FML
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Should have turned back and threw her off the slide


Should have turned back and threw her off the slide

I'm assuming this is one of the circular slides where you are in an enclosed space.

I don't think throwing a "big-boned" lady is that easy.

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#60, rocking the double chin in the profile pic

So, #60.... You do see the quotation marks right? "Big boned " ... He/she didn't mean to say it out of decency, but rather as a "nice" way to call the gal a fatty. You see? ?

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@#62, SJW, not so much. It just seemed fine with the terms the OP used. But thanks for giving me another label. Way to go you! @#75, there are no fat bones. But there are different sized bones. Tall people get tired of being called tall as well as short people being called short. I can garuntee that my six foot tall bones are probably going to be different than yours. @#88, although I can not tell if you were attempting to be rude or genuine, either way, there were no quotation marks in the post or in the person above me that used the word fat.

Probably: kick the persoon in front of me, that will help. otherwise there wouldn't be kicking...

She gets her kicks by hurting people, I guess.

I'd be surprised if the kids didn't get kicked out.

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If it's one of the waterslides with an attendant, they should pay mote attention. What if she kicked the kids?

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Then she would've done well, these kinds of kids are ******* annoying.

sounds to me like the kids deserved to be kicked. asshole children.

Maybe the kids would have experienced what consequences feel like for once, it sounds like they need it.

Well your slippery slope wasn't slippery enough

Don't they usually have an employee at the top to watch for the last person to come out before they send other people down?

No, I believe they can send three down as long as there is a gap between them given a long slide.

also, they don't *usually* have those guys in germany. on bigger slides there's usually some kind of traffic light