By has an old monitor - 05/12/2014 14:00 - Germany - Berlin

Today, the family computer's 15-year-old CRT monitor which gives me headaches finally stopped working. My dad quickly found a replacement: an even older CRT monitor that gives me worse headaches. FML
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Time for some sabotage. Eventually you'll be reading off of stone tablets and cave drawings.

Sounds like you need to buy your own computer


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Yeah this is a hardcore 1st world problem

No **** you, you are saying shit because he felt sorry? I don't care what the pseudo-rules are here! Down voting is supposed to used for hateful or overly vulgar comments, not "rule breakers". You and most everyone else on here ******* disgusts me.

Time for some sabotage. Eventually you'll be reading off of stone tablets and cave drawings.

That is an unlucky break! I'd break the new one until he gets a better comp.

breaking it isn't cool, technology isn't cheap

#42 Not if it is over 15 years old. Now if it was an antique then yes, but otherwise not really.

to buy a brand new fancy monitor is not exactly the cheapest expense. I completely understand the older technology price and how it can be miserable to use, but breaking it isn't the most mature response

Can get monitors for like 50$. Not to expensive vs the cost of op needing ibuprofen whenever they use the computer.

While that is true, they may not have the funds for the expense. it isn't OPs property so breaking it is rather immature and rude

If it really bothers OP that much they should talk to their parents about it. Better solution than breaking someone else's property. That is just my opinion though

My parents used to have one of those old CRT monitors to. When I was 13 I decided screw it, went out and bought them a new LCD monitor that didn't have the annoying high pitched sound. And those things used to be like $200. Now you can get LED ones for as low as $30 that I've seen. Hell, go on Craigslist and you can find LCD screens in the "free" listings even.

or OP can talk to them instead of breaking stuff.

Sounds like you need to buy your own computer

Yep, hop on Craigslist, shouldn't have a problem finding a nice used lcd for 50 bucks.

Sucks to be you, but maybe you could all gather some money for a new monitor?

I doubt it's about the money. You can buy a brand new LCD for less than a 100 euros if you don't care too much about quality. Sometimes yo ucan even get them for free if you do some research. Some people are just throwing away their old hardware. They'd be happy to give an old LCD to someone. It's probably just an unhealthy mix of IT ignorance and stubbornness.

I got one for 10 bucks at goodwill, just need to know where to shop

#66: A fake plastic one from Dollar Tree?

Put a strong magnet inside. It will deflect the electron beam which will distort the image. You could also glue it to the screen but then your father would probably find it.

Alternatively, if you are able to increase the refresh rate, the headaches will cease.

If it's older than the 15years old one then it might not support a higher refresh.

30: Can bypass anything like that anyway. Windows hides the options so you don't break anything but they are there, Linux you can set it yourself via config file so supported or not it will push it out.

Sure, you can bypass the windows options but I'm talking about an actual limitation where if you set it too high the ancient hardware can't cope and the display just gets all messed up.

Maybe you can ask "Santa" for your own computer?

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If the dad is too cheap to buy a new monitor probably not going to spring for a computer...

If your so concerned you can always buy them a Christmas present!(:

okay you need to find a way to get rid of it in a way it can't be traced back to you. My sister had a recorder one time and she sucked at it. So what I did was hide it in her closet which is an absolute mess. Technically still in her possession and can't be traced back to me, fyi she hasn't found it in months. Try something like that !

My brother just hid mine behind the fridge :(

thank you kindly sir, I like to plan things out. If you had heard her play, you wouldn't think it's messed up though lol

That's a terrible thing to do...especially to your sister. You can't become good at something without sucking at first..feel bad for her and you should be a better brother and support her..

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@68 have you ever heard a recorder being played? There is no getting good at it, you go from exploding ears to if you're lucky bleeding ears. But with a recorder there is no good.

mind you're damn business #68 I'm a great brother, me and my sister are best friends. That's just the one thing I can't stand her doing so I did something about it.