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They're both PhDs or they have PhDs?!

A PhD doesn't make you an expert in lightbulb matters.


They're both PhDs or they have PhDs?!

Here, let me just take your PhD parents and do what any reasonable person in the situation would; namely, roll the fuckers around some good weed and smoke those bitches *inhales deeply* Ahhh, Christ, this is g-goood shittt... o.O" O.o" O.o" o.O"

*cough* *hack* *wheeze* ≈.≈ ≈o≈ ≈.≈ God I feel like chewing on something, Mercy *inhales sharply* JESUS *COUGH* *HACK*

he SCREWS? dont you mean SCREWED. guess the PhD genius runs in the family.

You like to brag eh, don't you

maybe they got the electrician because THEY CAN :/

Ha, both my parents have PhDs too, but they're really dumb with stuff like that... I'm always the one figuring things out xD

Academically smart Common sense retarded

LOL yeah...I know some people like that! gotta love the zero common sense ;-)

The real fml is that op said her parents are PhD's

I hope your parents will get well soon.. woman

A PhD doesn't make you an expert in lightbulb matters.

yeah but the world should be able to expect more 4rm people with PhDs seeing as they are respected for there academic prowess or wat not, a certain level of common sense is expected of a PhD holder, What do they have their PhDs in Theory???, heck even some one who mostly deals in theories would have come up with 1 as to why the lights were flickering, possibly the bulb might be loose...

please tell me "4rm" is not meant to be a shortcut for "from". "fourrm" puts the "r" and the "o" in the wrong place, not to mention doesn't work at all and makes me angry

That's hysterical! The PhD's I know are Physicists, so they run around building stuff and blowing stuff up. They're pretty good with light bulbs too. My mother had two Master's degrees, and I will never forget the day that she saw a mouse in the kitchen and literally stood on a chair. LOL

41 What does your mother's advanced education have to do with her fear of mice?

a retard could figure out what to do with a flickering light.

It means pretty huge dick.

sad to say it but a PhD in history isn't worth the paper that it's printed on.

They better keep the paper then

exactly this means they are rich stuck up bitches

Light bulb expert? It's called doing the obvious instead of first crying for help. Just because someone's book smart, it doesn't mean they have common sense.

Not sure how this is an FML.

yeah, how is this an FML moment? and what does PhD have to do with anything anyway?

It is a time when the OP realised his parents are dumbasses whereas before he was proud of their intelligence. That's pretty sad. I remember the saddest moment in my life was when I realised I am destined for a life of mediocrity rather than one of pure awesome sauce (。-_-。)