By bailey_biz - 08/01/2015 12:52 - United States - Seneca Falls

Today, the dry skin on my feet has gotten so bad that my boyfriend uses my feet to itch his legs when we're cuddling. FML
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Hey, OP here. I lotion my feet multiple times a day. I also work at a place that requires me to constantly be on my feet. It's not like I don't try to fix it. I've had it for a long time now, I even have my own pedicure instruments and sugar scrub, but it doesn't help get my feet 100% smooth.

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Maybe time for a pedicure? Some exfoliation and good lotion would do you some good. Take care of yourself!


Maybe time for a pedicure? Some exfoliation and good lotion would do you some good. Take care of yourself!

But then her boyfriend will have to switch positions to scratch his legs and ruin a perfectly good cuddle.

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It puts the lotion in the basket. IT PUTS THE LOTION IN THE BASKET

Well that sounds a little unpleasant I shan't lie. But on the positive side it doesn't bother your boyfriend and he actively uses it whilst still cuddling with you so it's not all bad right?

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He could be one of those guys that breaks up with you over silly stuff like this or not wearing makeup out in public. So in a way, you're lucky! But you could try to invest in some lotion. It's a cheap solution

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#9 if someone going to break up with you over something as stupid as that the relationship isn't going to last most likely no matter how much lotion you buy

#12 that's quite true but sadly some people do still think that way in relationships and sometimes the people with them do things they normally wouldn't to appease them. Personally I usually think girls look better with little to no makeup etc but point is if you like wearing makeup (or perhaps having scaley feet) go for it, nobody should get to decide that for you and anyone who cares enough about you and is worth your time should be happy you're happy... Just you know, if you do choose to have scaley snake feet don't expect them to want to touch them.

In a way, I see nothing wrong with someone breaking up with their partner for not taking care of themselves. Not necessarily over one thing like feet, though. I had an ex who didn't take care of himself. Didn't eat his fruits and veggies, didn't brush his teeth, showered once a week.....god he was gross.

#40 well in that sense I agree. But that is a much more severe case than a girl choosing not to wear makeup in public/ shave her legs every day or a guy choosing not to shave his beard etc any of those other much smaller things that some people break up over.

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#12 I wasn't saying that lotion would fix a breakup, I meant to say that to OP. It's obvious her boyfriend isn't going to break up with her but still, lotion is always nice either way.

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Shower then use pumice stone to scrub away the dead skin. After that use any decent foot cream designed to tackle dry skin. Also, think about changing footwear, this can also lead to manky ass feat.

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I think "manky ass feet" made this comment! Hahahaha!

But I don't remember Mankey having any buttocks? Neither did Primeape.

Ew, you know it's time for lotion when your feet become leg scratchers. Try to slather on some lotion and wrap them in some soft socks before bed.

For a dynosaur you know surprisingly much about pedicure.

Well even dinosaurs don't like being rough and scaly. We enjoy a nice pedicure once in awhile too.

my feet will become so dry & scaly and can be used as leg scratchers because of extra moisture such as showering and putting socks on soon after, or sweating on my feet a lot. so slathering on lotion and putting socks on might not be the best advice.

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I can run on gravel with no problem so I know these feels but if it bothers you some foot scrub foot soak and a pedegg should help

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what? this isn't a personal hygiene issue. my feet used to get dry depending on the weather. Now they're dry because of my work shoes and getting my feet wet sometimes. Lots of peoples feet look like that FYI.

I totally thought it said you had dirty feet and I was like okay .... Maybe you should wash them but I do agree that does kinda suck

Well, I suggest you don't get silk sheets until your get that problem taken care of.

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As #7 said: it's a personal hygiene issue. If you neglect your feet this bad ... well, I shudder to think about the potential condition of your intimate feminine anatomy. Ewwww.

OP could just have chronic dry skin that got really bad and hard to manage because of the cold. If it was her intimate lady parts then this FML wouldn't be about her feet...

It's not a personal hygiene issue. I shower daily and wash everything, including my feet. My feet have always been dry and rough.

I completely agree with 51. The FML doesn't say how old op is either, unfortunately as women get older they're feet tend to get dryer and it's harder to lock in moisture. My mom has really dry/rough feet. She keeps them clean, puts lotion on, sometimes sleeps with lotion and socks, but nothing but a good pedicure really helps and even then it won't turn out baby smooth. Pedicures also cost a bit and isn't something she can do every 2 weeks. Moral of the story, it isn't a hygienic issue, & even though there are some things that can help, nothing can permanently cure the issue.

I live in colorado, the climate is so dry, I can hardly keep my feet from cracking, but it's not for lack of trying to keep soft feet.

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how dry are her feet is the real question, like bleeding cracked feet bad or something a little pumice stone can take care of kind.

I should also note that we live in Canada and our winters are long and harsh. As soon as the cold weather comes on she gets cracks in her heels and fingers that can be extremely painful.