By slypher25aussie - United States - Chula Vista
Today, my boyfriend and I went to a furniture store. We split up for a bit, and after a while I went to find him. A salesman noticed I seemed to be looking around for him and said, "Oh, your son is upstairs." We're the same age. FML
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Why would you dump someone just because they look younger than you? As long as they aren't actually younger than you(Or, atleast, not too much), there isn't anything wrong with it.

  Dairyking  |  8

14, I'm not sure if you were talking to 1 or 3, but in any case, what was the grammatical mistake? Either you misread, or I'm just blind. I don't see a problem with the grammar contained in either of their comments. .-.

  Dairyking  |  8

Or, if you were referring to 3 saying "she," this is not a grammatical error; it is merely a lack of attention to detail. I, myself, hadn't realized that OP was a guy until I saw other comments.

  cobi45  |  2

Nope, that phrase is used pretty much every day. "looks older", sure, but "older looking" is used all the time as well.

  Vimy  |  6

Yeah well, my mom looks so much younger than her age that a cashier thought my 40 year old mom and my 14 year old brother were a couple. Like what the heck is up with that? I should write an FML about this and see if it gets accepted...

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

I'm with 4. I was asked the same damn thing when my now ex-fiance and I went to open a joint bank account. The funny part is, now he looks 10 years older than me. But back then, in '07, he had a baby face. I felt like a cougar at age 23 and he was only 22.


1. "He's" has two contraction forms:
• He's already been to school today; He has already been to school today.
• He's at school; He is at school.

Thus making my comment grammatically correct.

2. A "baby face" is a term to describe someone who is not an actual infant but has a younger look to them.

Now please, just royally fuck off.

  fml121785  |  14

75- It's "He has got" which could also be written as "he's got". I hate when people are being grammar nazis and try to make someone look wrong when they are actually using correct grammar! lol No, actually I love it because it makes them sound so dumb! Haha fuck your life 75!

  missalkali  |  8

I don't know, but you're getting thumbed down because the grammar and spelling in that comment are atrocious. how hard is it to write words out fully?
I understand using "u" instead of you now and again, but that ^ is overdoing it

By  Screwie  |  25

I expected him to be caught having sex in public, somewhere where beds are available with some random chick.

It turned out to be better than what I had imagined.

By  AussieChild  |  22

Maybe the salesperson is just a moron??
People always think that there's 8 or 9 years difference between my fiancé and I- they think it's disgusting that a 25 year old would date a 16 year old... Even though we are both 21 and I'm only 2 months younger.