By Tattooed_Blonde - 20/01/2010 12:09 - Australia

Today, my boyfriend and I decided to have a little "fun" in our secluded backyard. It was only after we had finished that we noticed the three little girls, who live next door, jumping up and down on their trampoline, with their mouths wide open. FML
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Okay guys settle down. We were caught up in the moment and we figure at first they were only peeking over the fence, and then started jumping. Oh gosh, don't be such prudes :D

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nickharbut 6

haha wouldn't you hear the trampoline noise? lol

YoungE 0

how the hell do you miss three girls ?


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What's wrong with the backyard? especially if they thought it was secluded? it their property. they can **** where they want on it !

So true. Although I would have double checked to make sure no one was looking.

nickharbut 6

haha wouldn't you hear the trampoline noise? lol

RevengeOnYou 0

I dunno OP's girlfriend probably moaned so load he didnt even care about the sounds in the environment lol!

lilmisslovely13 15

umm op's a girl, and it even says "boyfriend".

Meh, I've been on springless trampolines before, one was really quiet, and really bouncy, could see a few backyards over without even trying.

senpa_kush 11

Maybe they were bouncing louder in sex

amberita28 0

yeah, how could you not hear them jumping and see little heads pop up every other second? you better hope they don't tell their mommy cuz you just might get a beat down nasty girl.

chronicBuD420 0
yourlifesfucked 0

ahahaha that made my day. i cant even bring myself to vote ydi although you totally do

Those poor girls. Well, at least now they know to avoid it. lol

j3a3k3e 0

obviously the backyard wasn't secluded enough. I suggest a bedroom next time

Shystai 0

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