By dolceconfuoco - 20/10/2011 16:44 - United States

Today, I have an ear infection, and everything I hear echoes inside my head. I'm an orchestra teacher, and we have our first concert next week. FML
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Don't worry, the work you do now shall echo through time


Don't worry, the work you do now shall echo through time

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Wear ear muffs and say your just really cold

If your confident enough in your orchestras abilities, tell them to play the first concert w/o you, because of your ear infection. They'd understand. I hope.

Put those small headphones in and just "wave your hands like you just don't care" or feel free to "snap your fingers in a Z formation." or or wait give me a second....

I hope you weren't having phone sex, hearing aids is spreading the nation fast you should get yourself checked.

Depending on the severity of the ear infection, a nice home remedy for an ear infection that I do is you take a lime, tilt your head and squeeze a few drops in your ear. Let it sit there for a minute or two then drain your ear really well. It should heal in a few hours. Works for me every time (when I get swimmer's ear). Good luck OP!!

I have small ear canals so I get infections relatively often, you'll be fine in a week withought a doubt. But they hurt like crap.

Ah orcestra is tthe most challenging class to teach especially if their horrible...

it really sounds like a bad sickness indeed

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An ear infucktion? Have tried to finger it out?

I'm sure there exists substitute teachers till you heal up. Sure, you may miss the concert, but such is life. Considering you can go deaf from ear infections, best not irritate or stress the ear further.

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OP, do you mean orchestra conductor?

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It is that ******* cool. Almost as cool as anal.

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It's like having beats audio built inside your ear canal. Have fun

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i'll go. i know how to command a group of people with my stick... i'll go shut the **** up now.

Or go to the doctor... or even OTC ear drops.

Flockz, I can't trust you to substitute. Not after Sex Ed class last year.

#61 did he have practical lessons?.. Teach by example?

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Better learn how to speak good. Do you sea what eye mean?

Please wise master of the grammar Nazi, tell me what I have done wrong to deserve such tragic and dishonorable shame.

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I think he is being an asshole because you didn't use the word well but no one else really cares

they can insert a single earplug in dumbass. ever heard of those foam earplugs that come in packages?

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I hate when that happens ! It feels like your head is in a sea shell

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Hello, hello Class, class. Today, today We're gonna, gonna lose, lose our minds, minds! Dun dun dunnnn!

Hopefully you don't teach a bunch of tone deaf sixth graders.

Why 6th graders y not 7-12 I'M IN 6TH

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73- because most of them ARE tone deaf. And it makes me giggle, really, REALLY....*whispers*...hard... -.-

73: Because 7-12 actually have some experience and normally, high schoolers are rather good at playing. And 6th graders tend to be beginners. You'll understand when you're older little 6th grader (;

Well most of us started in 3rd.......just so ya know.

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Get some aspirin. Headaches to come.

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Thumbed you up just cause of my agreement with your picture.

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So do to like Reese's puffs and bacon TOGETHER??? Or separate???