By DaddyZ - 27/06/2010 13:30 - United States

Today, my youngest son thought that RedBull actually gave him wings. What it actually gave him was a trip to the ER and 7 stitches. It also gave me a meeting with social services. FML
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Holy crap, this is the be the biggest bunch of self righteous people jumping to conclusions I've ever seen in one place. You have no clue where he got the Red Bull from, NOR do you have any idea how young the son was. So anyone complaining about the guy "giving" a "little kid" a Red Bull, are you psychic or something? Were you there? No you weren't, so stop pulling details out of your rear end.

redbull it gives you wings!!!!!!! ahhhhhh


redbull it gives you wings!!!!!!! ahhhhhh

ydi for givin your kid redbull?

#6 - The real problem in the Fml is the parent giving their kid a Redbull.

Ooops, the chick who's comment that was meant for poofed..

The kid is only 6 and still has a big imagination. You can't call him an idiot quite yet.

How do you know the kid is 6, Illmatic? 0.o

wow brainfart I could of swore I read somewhere that he was 6. Well i'm guessing that he is around that age.

lmfao thats priceless redbull gives you wiiiiiiiings

Ummm ydi for giving your kid redbull..isn't there like an age limit on that shit anyways? be a better parent and maybe your child won't be taken away!:D

you're son is a fucking dumbass.

now u can sue redbull for false advertising.

lol. I agree with #19. a fucken dumbass it is

#7- the parent might not have 'given' the son a redbull. the kid could have bought it himself.

agree with 7. There's an age limit ydi.

yeah. 10 year olds really need an extra jolt of caffeine and sugar.

redbull has cocaine it's bad for children good for you

you actually can't sue them though because at the end of the commercials they have that guy that talks real fast sayin that it doesn't give you wings. Forgot what thats called but it would be sweet to sue redbull

35, more likely he took it out of the refrigerator, he wouldn't have been able to buy it if there's an age restriction...

Wait so red bull DOESNT give you wings? FML

The op might not have given him the red bull, maybe it was in the house and he stole it.

#19 the irony of that statement. But OP that sucks, just explain to social service that it was merely an accident.

#19 is the dumbass. you don't know how old the son is. he's probably a toddler. now if he was like 15 then he would be a dumbass

Perhaps the kid stole the redbull from someone outside the home or even from the fridge, perhaps even after being told not to. Though if the OP gave the kid redbull then YDI 100 times over.

I blame redbull, and all the other brands of energy drinks. i don't see the point of drinking anything that has so much worthless stuff in it.

19 You are son us a dumbass? Congrats.

your son learned a valuable lesson. now move on.

It sounds like a lawsuit against redbull is coming

totally. to a kid, they can't understand these kinds of things until a certain age, which really puts redbull at fault here.

There's no age limit, at least not where I'm from. It's not alcoholic, nor does it contain any illegal substance. The only thing it contains is caffeine and sugar really, and they're not illegal.

i think Red Bull actually is illegal in my contry. i'm not sure.. I hate Red Bull anywayXD

its called a disclaimer

agreed with 19. this kid will win a Darwin award one day

@i_t_s_m_e - There's age limits on all sorts of things. You also have to be able to prove you are 18 to buy a set of plastic cutlry and prove you're over 16 to buy chocolate liquors. I mean, normal cultry I can understand, and who would even attempt to get drunk off the chocolates? I mean, I can understand not selling them to little kids, but anyone older than thirteen would be fine. An age limit on Red Bull would be because of all the chemicals in it, and that it's very unhealthy. It would also be no older than 16. I think making it illegal to sell it to people under a certain age is still in debate.

Some shops in the UK refuse to sell anything like Red Bull to anyone under 18, I was ID'd for it on the way into university one day, which was all bewildering after no sleep the night before, stupid meds.

agree with 7...don't give a little kid redbull. ydi

Wow you guys are fucking idiots. Do you really think the OP actually gave the kid redbull?

monster energy is better than that red bull piss

As much as it's already been said, I'll throw this in: RedBull doesn't have an age requirement where I live. It contains no alcohol, and cocaine? Sound like YOU'RE on cocaine. Back in highschool MANY kids bought energy drinks on the way to school. Hell, it was even sold in the caffateria (sp?). There's nothing dangerous about it if you drink it in moderation and don't have the IQ of a fence post.

The kid could've gotten it himself? OP this is the reason why I'm never reproducing lol

this is the only reason your not reproducing...... o.O

there's 12345 fyls

first lesson, teach him the difference between wings and wiings. next, teach him that not all shit with wings can fly.

I'm allowed to buy redbull at the gas station near the youth center, that's on naval base. I'm only 13, so WHAT age limit?

if red bull had cocaine in it, it wouldn't be legal to buy in America these days, at least not without I.D. but OP deserves it for raising such a stupid child.

See post 63 (pendatik) with regards to how much cocain was actually in the red bull in question, and the rest of that conv thread. It'd probably still be legal with that amount in.

lol # 1. your name means "pig" in my languageXD

lol I knew redbull was just a lawsuit waiting to happen xD

i'm pretty sure the OP didn't purposely give his son red bull.

Well there is one you can drink that ins all crap and its actually good for you Frs it has only a half a cup of coffee of caffeine in each can the rest is stuff your body naturally uses for energy and it comes with no crash.

I would learn the proper usage of your and you're before calling anyone dumb.

There is an eighteen or older cap on ALL energy drinks where I live because there was a rash of elementary school kids who had major health problems because their hearts couldn't take the amount of caffeine, and the other stuff. Five hour energy was the first one to get capped, then redbull, then monster, then they just spread the rules to cover all energy drinks.

88, there are some uses for energy drinks like how my sister uses it to pull trough her late night softball games

so he jumped off of what now? and he only got stitches? didnt even break anything? wow...jump from something higher next time

 u must be the worst fucking parent ever do u hav any kids?

29... I think it's safe to assume he wasn't serious... It was just a semi-funny comment, not one you were supposed to look into.

2 maybe what he landed on cut him, falling onto something sharp from any height can need stitches

guess you gotta learn things the hard way!!


Well, how old is your son? If he's seven or something, why the hell did he have Red Bull in the first place? I'm just asking here.

Yeah, I'm leaning toward YDI if the kid is younger. He shouldn't have had access to redbull in the first place.

Very true, BehindTheSun. Of course, if his son is much older than that, perhaps my age, then the OP has a moron for a child.

However, if his son is in fact older, why would social services be called in?

I wouldn't take any special precautions to keep a 7 year old from Red Bull. I have plenty of things in my pantry that my kids can't have but that are within easy reach. At that age kids should understand what is not allowed and, short of locking things up, not much is out of their reach. If the kid in question is any younger, maybe it could've been placed on a higher shelf or something. Thankfully my kids have never seen a Red Bull commercial since they don't generally advertise during children's shows. BTW, the kid got the Red Bull, drank it, and pulled his stunt all without you noticing? Granted you can't watch your kids every minute but that had to take several. Either childproof your house, watch your kids, or both.

So... I think I've come to the conclusion that OP needs to learn to watch his kids, and that OP's kid very well might be a moron if he's old enough to understand.

You have a point, BehindTheSun. Nice pic, by the way. EDIT: That was supposed to be under post 20.

you all realise this little kid could have just went and grabbed it from the fridge and pulled this stunt while dad was on the shitter or something? god people judge to fucking quick

Did I say that the OP had given his son the Red Bull? No, I did not. I only asked how old the kid was and why he had Red Bull. Also, you're the pot calling the kettle black. Read before you rage, xxGuitarRemixx.

I think their rage was directed at the how did they have time to do it, more then the how did they get it. In any case the kid could be like eight or something for all we know which explains both why he had time to do it (because let us face it at that age kids get quite a bit of alone time because they are at the age to need it or want it.), and how they could have easily grabbed it on their own from a fridge, pantry, or even gotten it from a friend.

Big deal its stitches.

awwww poor kid.

well how old was op's son?? if under ten why'd he have red bull and if older..well fyl op for having a retarded son

kids naw a days gotta love em then whoop they ass lol

What the hell are you trying to say with that jumble of letters?

I can translate this... "Kids now a days. Gotta love 'em. But you should whoop his ass."

Thanks QWERTYCommander, you saved our brains!

Not wings, VINGS! Didn't he ever listen to the commercial?

Like Ving Rhames ? *Guzzles Red Bull.... Puff!!! Out pops Ving Rhames.... "I'ma bust a cap in yo ass for taking ma Red Bull!!!!"

#30 - Lmao! I pictured him actually saying that, haha. :P