By Anonymous - 22/07/2015 01:35 - United States - San Francisco

Today, my brother told me to, "Stop bitching and get over it" after I complained of pain from my stomach after invasive surgery. This from the guy who spends multiple hours a day playing Halo and whining about the stupid ways he got killed. FML
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Punch him in the balls, then you can tell him to stop bitching.

Break his console and repeat after me, "Stop bitching and get over it."


Punch him in the balls, then you can tell him to stop bitching.

Shadowblast423 3

Usually I say there is no reason to punch a guy in the balls, but this seems like it might be just the time.

enzozo101 8

the only pain he feels is when hes killed in his game so he must not understand.

"But it really was lag!"

Is lag even still a thing? Ping sure, but I haven't seen a lag in ages. Granted my hardcore gaming days are over but still..

Oh yeah it's still a thing for sure

Bad routers or modems can cut off a huge amount of your data, not to mention infamous companies like Comcast and Charter.

unfortunately, but you don't really notice it unless it's REALLY bad, or you're playing a fighting game and everything slows down.

Poor Sm4sh.

Even poorly optimised games lag on the best gaming pc.

PotusDestroyer 1

Don't forget the shitty cod servers, even a 50mbps connection doesn't fix those.

Cod didn't have servers. Those were all hosted by the person who had the fastest connection in the lobby.

Oh, you gotta love those compassionate siblings.

MrThump 16

Your brother is a little bitch. Give him the dumb and dumber treatment and give him something to really complain about. Put a crap load of laxatives in his food. Hope you feel better son OP.

MrThump 16


Break his console and repeat after me, "Stop bitching and get over it."


Break the game not the console!!! Are you Lucifer himself?!

sweet christ don't threaten the console. I hate console destruction videos. if you want to punish a kid, PAWN THE PERFECTLY GOOD CONSOLE.

If OP still lives with brother, then they probably live at their parents, so i suppose the console isn't theirs in the first place, so it would be risky to pawn it :( great idea tho :d

#20 read my user name, that should give you a clue as to who I am

No, there's mischief, then there's just plain maliciousness.

Lmao you guys seriously value a console, which will be outdated within a year, over your sibling's feelings? Ouch.

You obviously don't know what it's like.

So break/pawn a console that was bought by him or for him, because he said to stop bitching about pains from a surgery. Wonderful logic my friend!

NineeCat 32

You just don't know the struggle. Put a band-aid on it, whiner.

yes because op being in pain from surgery is being a whiner -_-

go kill him in halo

Idiot brothers are the reason we are careful around men

at least your one up on the family gene pool!