By Chris - 05/04/2012 02:50 - United States - House Springs

Today, my wife and I went to our friend's house to play some pool. While playing, a Cicada started to fly towards my face, so I flipped my pool stick over and swatted at it with the fat end of the stick. I hit the bug. However, with the skinny side I hit myself in the snow-globes. FML
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mpj13 8

You don't hit those kind of balls in pool


IAdminIFlow 0

ur like haha u litlle bastar..... ouch what the fu... oh shit.

You should have whacked the cicada with your balls instead. Y'know? (;

shanemaximo 7

I've never heard of them referred to snow globes before

K_kanaka 26

A man should always protect their face but more importantly they should always be careful of their ahem "snow globes"

Calling them snow globes makes me think you have dandruff down there.

thiscrazything 1

OP was blackballed by his own stick.

Uraharas_Bankai 1
krash357_fml 7
blackheart24 10

Ouch, I'm sorry man. I don't know what else to say but ice it!

Haha, he can't have swung that hard. Just man up and keep playing

Yeah, but you the ice pack in a hand towel. Works like a charm.

mpj13 8

You don't hit those kind of balls in pool

You don't? Damn, I thought that's how you play pool in the nude. Well I was wrong.

that's why you don't get invited to nudist games of pool

would've been even more clever if OP said 8-balls

Slang term for Testicles, I.e. Balls, I.e. Nutz, I.e. marbles, I.e. get my drift.

Swedude 5

Nonono, you got it all wrong. OP's father was a snowman.

In actual terms, rather than slang, snow globes are those glass balls that you shake up and it looksl ike snow is falling inside. Then there's nads...You couldn't have figured this out on your own?

Please, you're all wrong. OP brought his snow globe collection over to show his friend, and he accidentally knocked them over.

Jingle balls, jingle balls, jingle all the way

Torva_fml 16

Oh what fun it is to rii........ Oh.... Nevermind, you're probably still sore.

He was trying to multi task, maybe his balls had an itch?