By Anonymous - 18/11/2009 04:08 - United States

Today, my water wouldn't go down my shower drain. Confused, I stuck a metal stick expecting hair, but instead stabbed and pulled up a rat that was dead in my drain. FML
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Now thats just gross.



Mx_Rider 6

*clicks imaginary who the fuck cares button*

Lyke today I broke a nail. It was the most horrific moment of my life, FML.

kiltguy 0

How is this an FML? You successfully unclogged your drain. Congratulations.

WorkThatButt 2

Rats are yummy, like slicing their abdomen open and eating their guts out then the head then the leftover skin.....YUMMMMM...not...

perdix 29

Live rat would have been so much more fun, especially if it was a Cordon Bleu chef that talked like Patton Oswalt.

Would you rather it be a live rat that was stuck in your drain? ㄟ㋛ㄏ

gigi37 0

I guess you've dealt with plenty of rats then? Personally, I never have, and I hope not to. If OP found one in her drain, who knows if there are, finding a dead animal in your drain isn't exactly pleasant..

what i would like to know is how the fuck did you manage to stab the dead rat and be able to pull this thing all the way up to be able to tell what it was

Because a small stick of metal could clearly support the weight of a dead, presumably wet rat, and this said rat could easily fit up a shower drain.Oh and your drain has no holes and that's the reason you were able to drag it all the way up to a point where it was determinable, right? Fail, OP.

The OP could have had a type of cap that you can easily turn and lift out. That's what I've always seen, I live Aust, so i dunno if that's normal in america.

I live in aus too and we have a hole for a drain that's covered with a sort of square tile, so you never know.