By Anonymous - 09/11/2011 21:52 - United States

Today, I thought it would be a good idea to let my 19-month-old son watch me pee, since I'm trying to potty train him. I didn't consider that he might try to grab my penis. When he did, I was startled and peed all over the floor and my son. Good job dad. FML
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Damn that sucks Dude but Face it.. Its just what kids Do!

lmao youre a dad named jasmine?


What a slippery situation...

Overused joke is overused

You shouldn't let your son watch you pee, just wait for him to want to be like the other big boys and teach him how to water with the hose.

Would've been prevented if OP had stopped the flow like a boss.

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R. Kelly anyone?

enonymous 8

I always knew Jasmine had a penis

leadman1989 15

13 - mother may I C.U.P

This is your typical father and son moment.

Your son might grow up to be the next Bear Grylls!

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Lol 18

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It's a pissy situation....

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25- nice pink floyd reference

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That must have been hard to explain

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64: that was so terrible I winced

Damn that sucks Dude but Face it.. Its just what kids Do!

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Actually, I don't think I ever grabbed penises as a child

I think he meant the curiosity. ????

In regards to your profile your 1 day early. HP's B-day is 7/31 same as Jk Rowling.

39- No, he meant grabbing penises.

All kids are curious, I heard a story that when my brother was little my parents caught him peeing on the truck tire, when my dad asked him why, he said "That's what our dog does!"

he probably thought that milk would come out...

lmfao_shame 9

what kind of boobs were you drinking out of when you were little? :O

I feel your pain, 3x over! LoL, it gets better I swear. FYL, but only for now! ;)

I don't know I've heard the number of children grabbing penises these days is like... A lot

I seriously doubt that I would actually find enough curiosity to grab that......

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Well, he learned a good life lesson from this.

Son : Well one thing was learned, you don't grab another man's phallus.

I hope his son hasn't started having memories yet. It would suck to remember grabbing your dads dick when you got older D:

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Yeah and when he pisses you off in 15 years bring this up!

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He might be able to remember it. When I was OP's sons age I almost drowned. I can recall falling in and sinking to the bottom before my dad jumped in and grabbed me- so it's very possible his son will remember the time he got pissed on by dad.

We got a squirter!

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Kids..... Got to luv um

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Spelling..gotta love it!

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lmao youre a dad named jasmine?

Good point

He might be posting it on his wife's account

Fuck you!!!!!!!!!

Chris Hanson would be all over this. he'd find some way to make it perverted so it would make the show... god imagine all the different places he'd make you sit!

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Just take a seat right over there

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Try explaining this to your partner. XD

That's easy... You just tell them :o

Time to introduce the lil boy to pedobear and the pedopolice