By Useless training - United States - Saint Charles
Today, we finished a sit-up test at school. I had been training for the athletic tests, so I was proud of my score. When someone asked what I got and I shared, proud, they responded with, "I bet it helps that your fat bounces you back up." FML
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  kristabelli  |  19

They're a jerk OP, obviously they need to insult people in order to feel better about themselves. YOU, however, made yourself feel good by working hard and doing your best! You win.

By  Futacy  |  29

Screw them, they're just jealous. You worked for the score you got, and you were satisfied. And judging fron how he responded, I can tell that it was a lot higher than his score.

  Godsofdracos  |  15

Not necessarily, bullies like to tear the satisfaction away from someone. Their pain and sorrow fuels their happiness like an ugly ass leech.

I do agree they're most likely jealous, though I would venture a guess it's more over their dedication than score.

  reneetlovesyou  |  30

I do agree that person was being a bully, but I also feel like people have to make a sort of "excuse" as to why they couldn't do as well as someone else. And that maybe they felt embarrassed OP did better as it's implied OP is a little overweight.

But we won't know until we get feedback so for now we're all just speculating (: