By AbysmalAbyss - 11/3/2021 08:04


Today, it's been seven days since I had my wisdom tooth removed, under guidance from both a doctor and a dentist to help with frequent headaches. The dentist cut open my cheek during surgery, which got infected, and now I also have dry socket. My mouth is causing me agony, and so are my headaches. FML
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By  OrySoma  |  10

I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed but they where all above gum not to mention I had 6 filling all in the same sitting and my dentist had freaking haggard hands and ripped the corners of my mouth because the damn hands and only prescribed me 2 pain pills told me to take as much ibprophen as I wanted I got 4 dry sockets and I forgot my insurance card from my dad so this happend and I went to the pharmacy to get my two measly pills as my numbness was wearing off and was starting to feel agonizing pain no money and my dad forgot to give me the insurance card so I couldn't get my two pills so there I am 16 year old being driven by my friend who take me home and proceeds to listen to me scream in agonizing pain until 8pm when my dad finally got home because work was more important then my suffering so I dont really feel sorry for you considering you probrably still have meds