By Anonymous

Monday Morning Blues

Today, after a rough night, my husband's alarms started going off at 5 a.m. All 4 of them. Old town road, the Skyrim theme, that lady yelling, "I got shit to do today" and bagpipes. I'm awake. He's not. FML
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  alycion  |  38

No. My husband tried. He also tried pulling the mattress down the hall. Me and my blanket stayed nice and comfy. A bomb could go off and I wouldn’t move. Hell, my mom slept through a plane crashing by the house and all the times my dad tried to call to check on her.

By  Sheogorath  |  4

If I used the Skyrim theme as my alarm I'd continue sleeping and dream that I was killing a dragon. Tell him to use Otherworld from FF10, that shit startles me awake.