Teenage narcs

By Anonymous - 08/02/2020 05:00

Today, my mom called to tell me that I needed to clean the side of her couch. Why? Because someone picked their nose and wiped snot all on the side of it. She thinks it was me because I sat there last. It wasn't me. I don't even live there, but I have 2 teenage siblings that blame everything on me. FML
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indienerdgirl 27

Since you don't live there tell her no and that if it bothers her so damn much she can clean it herself since she's already there. I would also not visit them for a while so your siblings can't blame shit on you.

ncparry 18

Just go home and don’t worry about it.

J15237 25

Well are you a nose picker first off? Second figure out a way to get some revenge on your siblings.