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Today, while watching TV with my boyfriend, I was telling him that I wasn't looking forward to "getting older" and turning thirty in three days. Five minutes later, he said, "I never knew you had so much grey hair already" and then offered to help me dye them. FML
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At least you have hair... Soon you may not have much left.


At least you have hair... Soon you may not have much left.

Think before speaking about grey hair

I've seen kids in H.S with tons of grey hairs, it doesn't necessarily mean you are old and seeing how op is only 29, she needs to calm down and dye those grey spots!

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I agree with 16! There's plenty of people in my school who have grey hairs. One of my friends younger brother (who's only in fourth grade) has grey hair, too.

Lol that's funny cause my gf is 23 and she already has A LOT of gray hair and she's always having to dye her hair. Bur that's ok cause I love her anyway :)

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This girl needs to stay calm and carry on, at least he offered

Ya atleast op has hair. I'm sure there are kids with cancer who would love to have gray hair, because, atleast it's hair

I've had gray since 16. Vitamin deficiencies can cause it early. Among other things.

Yeah, I have gray in my beard and I'm only 26, do gray hairs at 30 are nothing to worry about. But hey, shaving the gray parts of my beard give me an awesome Lemmy Kilmister look.

41, Thank you for explaining that. I get grey hairs due to my illness and lack of nutrients. Trauma also causes grey hairs. To the original poster, 30 is the new 20 :-).

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Nope, im pretty sure if you're old, you're old.

23- according to this commenter, being old is the feeling that your hairs are grey, and not the tangible evidence upon your head.

Old - having lived for a long time; no longer young.

Old is your current age plus one day... therefore you will only be old when tomorrow comes. (works for me!)

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Done be upset. He offered to help! He a weird sorta way I guess..

He was just trying to be nice by acting like he hadn't even realized that you were getting older, because you aren't showing it.

Yeah I wouldn't worry about it, my boyfriend is 20 and he has a few gray hairs already!

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56- I'm 16 and I already have a lot of gray hair...

Maybe you should talk to him about thinking before speaking...

He said nothing until 5 minutes later, that could've been thinking.

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As long as you weren't fishing for compliments, fyl

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Well said. Looking back, you'll hopefully laugh at this.

and a baby with a mustache is better then a baby with no mustache.

Exactly. You can color grey hair.. No one has to know it's grey.

Or just... Sometimes not speaking at all...

You're getting older... like everyone else in this world who isn't a fictional character. Get over it.

Time to get buddy to floss on the grey... Then thank him and brush him to the curb! Brazilian wax later; Hello boys!

does it bother anyone else that she says "so much grey hairs.." ? Because it really bothered me....

Well, she WAS just quoting that boyfriend of hers.

Her quotation marks around "getting older" annoyed me even more.

Maybe OP should offer to help him with his grammar