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Today, while watching TV with my boyfriend, I was telling him that I wasn't looking forward to "getting older" and turning thirty in three days. Five minutes later, he said, "I never knew you had so much grey hair already" and then offered to help me dye them. FML
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  ant1078  |  7

I've seen kids in H.S with tons of grey hairs, it doesn't necessarily mean you are old and seeing how op is only 29, she needs to calm down and dye those grey spots!


You shouldn't feel old at all. 30 is nowhere near old. I am 21 and my gf is 31, and she doesn't look much older than I do. If he doesn't appreciate you the way you are, then he can piss off.

  Forlorn420  |  9

Lol that's funny cause my gf is 23 and she already has A LOT of gray hair and she's always having to dye her hair. Bur that's ok cause I love her anyway :)


Yeah, I have gray in my beard and I'm only 26, do gray hairs at 30 are nothing to worry about. But hey, shaving the gray parts of my beard give me an awesome Lemmy Kilmister look.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

41, Thank you for explaining that. I get grey hairs due to my illness and lack of nutrients. Trauma also causes grey hairs. To the original poster, 30 is the new 20 :-).